Mini halloween pizzas shaped like ghosts and jack-o-lanterns served up on a slate board.

These snack ideas will make sure your Halloween party is a hit! Pick some of your favorites and bring some fun and spooky spirit to your guests.

Halloween is such a fun night—and it gets even more festive when you make sure your menu matches the spooky vibes! No matter if you need something to munch on before trick-or-treating or if you’re having a Halloween party where you are serving food to all of your favorite ghosts and goblins, we’ve got you covered with tons of festive Halloween snack ideas!

Collage of nine examples of fun Halloween snack ideas. A text overlay reads, "17 Halloween Snack Ideas."

What kind of food do you serve at a Halloween party?

Our favorite type of Halloween party is one with lots of Halloween appetizers and snacks. It’s less of a “sit down and eat a full meal with a knife and fork” sort of deal, and more of a “stand around and chat while eating the best Halloween party snacks” situation. But if you do want to offer something a little more substantial, check out these jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers!

But back to the snacks. We like to offer plenty of savory options because we know there will be so many sweet Halloween treats around. And if kids are there, you want to be sure to offer substantial enough savory snacks to get little trick-or-treaters through the night and avoid a major sugar crash. 


  • Cheese and crackers (we’ll show you how to use candy eyes and simple decorations to make a spooky Halloween board below!).
  • Pizza. For a round pizza, use toppings to give the pizza a jack-o-lantern face. Or, use large cookie cutters to make mini pizzas shaped like ghosts or pumpkins!
  • Carrots and celery sticks with some sort of dip. Depending on the dip, use ranch dressing or sour cream and toothpicks to draw a spider web on the surface. Or, make a veggie tray in the shape of a pumpkin!
  • Dressed up fruit. We’ve seen oranges turned into “pumpkins,” and bananas turned into “ghosts.” 

We’ve got a whole list of ideas below! And don’t think we forgot the sweet things—we still have plenty of ideas for those, too.

What makes these snacks good for a Halloween party?

Nearly any party appetizer or snack can work for a Halloween party if you give it a festive twist! Some of our favorite ways to do this involve:

  • Candy eyes. A few eyes staring back at you from the food spread can do the trick. You can see them in action in the hot dog mummies and charcuterie board below, but they would also be great on brownies or cookies.
  • Fake spiders. Scatter plastic spiders all around the food spread, or make spiders out of olives as appetizer garnishes.
  • Delicious “mummy” wraps. For anything that would normally be wrapped in puff pastry or biscuit dough, turn it into mummy wraps! Rather than wrapping the appetizer in a whole sheet of dough, cut the dough into strips first. Then wrap them around the snack one by one, with just some overlap between strips, to give the appetizer a mummy look.
  • Dark dishes. Dark bowls and slate boards will give the table a dark, spooky vibe.
  • Mini pumpkins. Mini pumpkins make for great festive decor.
  • Candy. Put candy corn in the blondies. Serve cookies with chopped-up candy bars. Or just put out bowls of candy corn and fun-size candy bars so that folks of all ages can get in on the sugary fun.

Halloween Snack Ideas

These snack ideas will make sure your Halloween party is a hit! Pick some of your favorites and bring some fun and spooky spirit to your guests.

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