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The 27+ Best Christmas Appetizers

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Planning a Christmas get-together? Find inspiration and easy recipes for the best appetizers to share this holiday season.

In our family, Christmas dinner is all about appetizers! Years ago, we traded in the traditional Christmas dinner for a family appetizer pitch-in, and it’s always a blast to enjoy different tastes from the smorgasbord.

We’ve pulled together our favorite Christmas classic appetizers for you to try in your family, and we’re sure you’ll love them! Some of these recipes have been making an appearance on our Christmas dinner table for decades. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

What are some easy Christmas Day appetizers?

We love a good appetizer—so much so, we have over two dozen holiday appetizer recipes listed below! If you’re going to be serving a big main course like a Christmas ham or turkey, you don’t want appetizers to be taking up your oven space, so we have plenty of dips and finger foods that can be prepped in advance, don’t require cooking, or do well in the slow cooker (looking at you, cocktail meatballs).

If you’re planning to serve appetizers all day like we do, we recommend putting out at least 4-5 appetizer options—more if your gathering is larger. Look to offer appetizers with a variety of flavors and textures, so that you have something to appeal to everyone’s tastes.

And don’t forget about your guests’ potential dietary needs! Our vegan spinach artichoke dip or spinach quinoa patties should keep any vegan guests happy, while our cold veggie pizza squares and cheese ball will appeal to meatless friends who are okay with some dairy.

Slate cutting board with 5 wedges of cheese, each with a cheese knife. Various crackers, nuts, dried apricots, olives, condiments, and charcuterie are around the cheese. The board is garnished with fresh rosemary.

What would be a great appetizer for my Christmas dinner guests?

While everyone is waiting for the Christmas dinner main, people are going to want something to nibble on while they mingle. Lucky for you, we have lots of Christmas appetizer recipes that can help tide people over until the main dinner event. Setting out bowls of nuts or snack mix for people to grab a handful of here and there is the simplest route to take—you can prep these kinds of things well in advance. Then on Christmas, just pour them into bowls around the room!

This is also a great situation to pull out a cheese board or cheese ball . A platter filled with cheese, crackers, and a few sweet or salty items looks fancy, but takes just minutes to prepare. You can make it as simple or intricate as you’d like.

If you’d like to go the more traditional appetizer route, we also have several finger foods listed below. Small savory bites like stuffed mushrooms and deviled eggs are easy for people to nibble on without needing a plate or utensils.

What should I bring to a Christmas party?

If you’ve been invited to a fun Christmas pitch-in, appetizers are an easy choice to bring. We recommend bringing something that doesn’t need to be reheated once you’re at the party—that’ll save you and your host or hostess some stress. Instead, choose something that can be served room temperature like a cheese ball, caprese sticks, or deviled eggs.

The 27+ Best Christmas Appetizers

Planning a Christmas get-together? Find inspiration and easy recipes for the best appetizers to share this holiday season.

Finger Foods and Small Plate Christmas Appetizers

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