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For the bourbon lover in your life, these presents will make the holiday season extra special. From whiskey glasses to bourbon-infused foods, find the perfect gifts for bourbon lovers on your list.

Exploring the wide and varied world of whiskey is a fun hobby a lot of folks enjoy—and lucky for you, there are tons of wonderful gifts to give to a loved one who is into whiskey. We’ve pulled together dozens of Christmas, holiday, and birthday gift ideas in one spot that’ll make any bourbon lover happy as can be.

Happy shopping!

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What makes our 2024 list of gifts for bourbon lovers the best ever?

We’ve personally tested the items on this list! We at Wholefully recommend these items because we bought these items with our own money and tested them in our own homes. We don’t accept any freebies for our gift guides, so you can trust that everything on this list is something we truly love.

We try to find a good balance between big box stores and small businesses in all of our gift guides. We also try to ensure that we include many options from diverse companies, including BIPOC-owned companies, woman-owned companies, and LGBTQ+-owned companies. Happy shopping!

Why aren’t specific bourbon on this list?

Chances are, your favorite bourbon lover already knows their preferred bottles, and what each bourbon connoisseur considers to be the “best bourbon” will vary widely from person to person. So we don’t generally recommend gifting a bottle of liquor to a hardcore bourbon fan, unless you know what their preferences are.

However, if you want to gift a bottle to go with one of the decanters or cocktail ingredients below, or think they may want to try something new, we do have some suggestions! Du Nord Craft Spirits and Guidance Whiskey are both Black-owned distilleries that make top-notch whiskeys. You could even gift them a “make your own whiskey” kit!

Note: Many of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning if you purchase through our link, we get a small kickback for referring you—at no cost to you.

The Best Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

The 32+ Best Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

Gifts for Bourbon Cocktail Making

For those who enjoy making bourbon cocktails, rather than drinking it neat, we’ve rounded up the best cocktail mixers, ingredients, and chilling methods.

Glassware Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

Give them something beautiful or whimsical to drink their bourbon and old fashioneds from with these glassware gift ideas.

Whiskey and Bourbon Infused Foods

Why stick to only drinking bourbon or whiskey, when you can eat bourbon-infused foods and use whiskey-infused ingredients in your cooking?

Creative Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

From beautiful home goods to bourbon barrel earrings, here are all the other gifts your bourbon fan will adore.

We hope this list has helped you find a great gift for all your favorite bourbon drinkers!

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