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38+ Creative Gifts for Bakers

Collage of nine gift ideas for people who love to bake. A text overlay reads, "Creative Gift Ideas for Bakers."

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Shower the baker in your life with some goodies from our amazing list of gifts for bakers. We have ideas that’ll work no matter your budget!

We all have someone on our list who bakes up a storm! They bake cookies when they are stressed, cakes to celebrate an event, and brownies to welcome a new neighbor on the block. These super bakers are a joy to have in our lives (so many tasty treats!), and as an added bonus, their baking addiction makes them incredibly easy and fun to shop for!

Our list of dozens of gifts for bakers will help you make your gift shopping easy this year. We cover every price range in our gift idea list—you’ll find stocking stuffers and small gifts for less than $5, all the way up to fancy schmancy baking tools. You can’t go wrong!

Close-up of baking tools and supplies such as a rolling pin, whisk, and colorful paper liners for cupcakes and muffins.

What makes our 2021 list of gifts for bakers the best ever?

We’ve personally tested the items on this list! Our team here at Wholefully purchased these items, tried them in our own homes, and are excited to recommend them! We don’t accept any freebies for our gift guides, so you can trust that we really do love everything on this list.

On our list, you’ll find a good balance between big box stores and small businesses. We also made sure to include many options that are from diverse shops, including BIPOC-owned companies, woman-owned companies, and LGBTQ+-owned companies. Happy shopping!

Note: Many of the links on our gifts for bakers list are affiliate links. This means if you purchase through our link, we get a small kickback for referring you—at no cost to you.

Tool Upgrades

Collage of three tools for baking including a digital thermometer and a paddle attachment for a stand mixer with a bowl scraper.

  1. KitchenAid Rubber Beater—While we love our KitchenAid mixers, we don’t love the beater that comes with them. This rubber beater means you’ll spend less time stopping to scrape down the edges of the bowl. Who doesn’t love a time saver?
  2. KitchenAid Glass Bowl—The metal bowls that come with most KitchenAid stand mixers are fine, but we love this upgrade because it is heavy, sturdy, and allows you to see whether everything is thoroughly mixed.
  3. Thermapen—The gold-standard of instant-read thermometers! We’ve had the same Thermapen in the Wholefully kitchen for almost a decade, and it’s helped us make hundreds of batches of yogurt.

Collage of three baking tools including tapered, french-style rolling pins, wooden cooking utensils, and a spice grinder.

  1. Nice Wooden Spoons—These might be the most beautiful spoons we’ve ever seen, and they function super well, too! This set is the only set of utensils you’ll need for cooking.
  2. Mini Spice Grater—Freshly ground spices lend much more complex and interesting flavors to baked goods than the stuff in the pre-ground shakers. We particularly like this one because it works as both a grater and whole spice storage container.
  3. French Rolling Pin—Handleless, tapered rolling pins give you more control and maneuverability, and will have you looking like a pro.

Collage of three customizable gifts for bakers including an engraved marble rolling pin.

  1. Marble Rolling Pin—Not only is a marble rolling pin beautiful, but it can help keep your pastry dough cold as you roll it out. Give this to the baker who loves to make their own breakfast pastries or puff pastry.
  2. Wooden Dough Scraper—A beautiful wooden bench knife is much sturdier and definitely more aesthetically pleasing than the cheap plastic kind!
  3. Silicone Mats—Every cook needs a set of good quality silicone baking mats. They turn any baking sheet into non-stick, and they make cleanup a breeze!

Specialty Ingredients

Collage of four stocking stuffers for bakers including a sourdough kit and citrus oils

  1. Sourdough Recipe Starter Set—If your baker friends aren’t already on the “make all the sourdough bread” train but want to be, this set makes getting started easy! With a live sourdough starter and a sturdy stoneware crock, they’ll be off and baking in no time.
  2. Citrus Oil Set—No need to zest an orange or squeeze a lemon to add the flavor to baked goods! These citrus oils pack a zesty punch in a small package. Plus, they are packaged in adorable tiny bottles.
  3. Natural Food Colors Set—These natural food colors make beautiful pastel tints for your favorite treats! And they come in a sweet metal storage tin.
  4. Diaspora Spice SetWe love the work that Diaspora Co. is doing to decolonize the spice industry, and their fresh spices are so incredibly flavorful! 

Specialty ingredients that make good gifts for bakers, including specialty honey and beautiful sprinkles

  1. Food Marker Set—With ink made out of gel food coloring, these food decorating pens are a great gift for the baker in your life who loves creating intricately decorated cookies and cakes.
  2. Infused Raw Honey—We loved every honey we tried from the small, Black-owned company. The ginger honey was a particular favorite among everyone who tasted it!
  3. Fancy Sprinkles—Beautiful sprinkles in a medley of colors and shapes are such a fun stocking stuffer. We also recommend combining them with some of the other fun ingredients on this list for a themed gift basket.

Special Equipment

Collage of four fun baking tools for gifting including decorative piping tip set, colorful food scale by Ozeri, and cat and dog cookie cutters.

  1. Kitchen ScaleEvery baker needs a kitchen scale, and if your favorite baker doesn’t have one, this is a winner in our books. It’s small enough to fit in any kitchen, but flexible enough to work with any recipe.
  2. Cookie Dough Freezing TrayHaving freshly baked cookies on demand just got easier. Freeze your cookie dough in this divided tray, and you’ll have perfectly sized cookies to bake later!
  3. Custom Pet Cookie CutterCustom cookie cutters make for fun sweet treats. These 3D printed cutters are customized to look like your baker’s favorite furry friend.
  4. Russian Piping Tips—Intricate piping tips like the ones in this set make beautiful frosting flowers and leaves in a snap. Expert dessert decorators will love the time-saving aspect, while novices will appreciate the ease of use.

Cookbook Gifts for Bakers

Three cookbooks for bakers: Cheryl Day's Treasury of Southern Baking, King Arthur Flour, and New Sourdough

  1. Cheryl Day’s Treasury of Southern BakingThis book truly lives up to its name—it’s an absolute treasure chest of classic southern baking recipes. The recipes are honed from generations of Southern bakers, and they are written in a way to help you bake a successful dish, but also teach you how to become an overall better baker.
  2. King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion—This classic tome is a must-have for every home cook’s shelf, covering the hows and whys of every type of baking. Gift this one to the baker who wants to understand why certain recipes work (and why others don’t) so that they can come up with their own creations.
  3. New World Sourdough—This is a sourdough cookbook for folks who are intimidated by sourdough! It’s packed with beginner’s tips, interesting recipes, and a relaxed attitude that is really comforting for the new baker.

Three cookbooks for bakers: Pie for Breakfast, Milk Bar Kids Only, Ice Cream Party

  1. Pie for BreakfastA storybook and a children’s cookbook in one neat book, Pie for Breakfast will have the kids itching to get in the kitchen to try something new with you.
  2. Milk Bar: Kids Only—Christina Tosi’s latest offering is all about the younger set, with creative desserts (Apple Pie Waffles! Tropical Mermaid Muffins!) paired with kid-friendly kitchen lessons. Give this one to the kid who is itching to get into the kitchen and bake their own treats.
  3. Ice Cream PartyWith each page divided into thirds (the top section is toppings, the middle is ice cream flavors, and the bottom has cookie and crust bases), you can mix and match these ice cream recipes into thousands of delicious sundae combinations. And you don’t need an ice cream maker for these recipes, either (though you could absolutely use one if you wanted)!

Three cookbooks for bakers: Grandbaby Cakes, Midwest Made, Bon Appetit Desserts

  1. Grandbaby Cakes Cookbook—The debut cookbook from fellow blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams is full of family history and over 50 colorful, flavorful cake recipes inspired by her family. With recipes like Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake and Key Lime Pie Cake, there’s a new twist on an old favorite for everyone.
  2. Midwest Made: Big, Bold Baking from the Heartland—None of the recipes in this cookbook are particularly complex—instead, they are homey, from-scratch desserts that each come with a story of their Midwestern roots. Gift this one to the baker in your life who grew up in the heartland and has a nostalgia for their childhood favorites.
  3. Bon Appetit Desserts Cookbook—With over 650 recipes, this cookbook serves as an excellent resource for making all kinds of desserts. Each recipe is labeled by its level of complexity, and both newbies and experts will have lots of variety to choose from.

Kitchen Beauties

Collage of three customizable gifts for bakers including a wooden pie box, pie server, and full length apron.

  1. Hand Stamped Pie ServerVintage silver gets a modern update when metal stamped with phrases like “Baking the World a Better Place.”
  2. Personalized Pie Box—If you’ve ever tried to drive to Thanksgiving dinner with a pie wedged in the floorboards of your car, you know why a pie box is a MUST have. It keeps a pie perfectly safe while in transit!
  3. Stripe Chef’s Apron—This thick, sturdy apron has a minimalist look and holds up well to any cooking messes.

A split image with a homemade apron on one side, and a berry bowl on the other.

  1. DIY Ruffled Apron—This sweet apron comes together quickly, and you can customize the fabric choices to fit your recipient’s personality.
  2. Berry Colander—This is definitely the cutest way to wash fruit before making pie, cakes, or bars.

Baker Accessories

Collage of fun gifts for bakers including jewelry and pins.

  1. Baguette Pin—This enamel pin is a great stocking stuffer for your favorite bread baker.
  2. Chocolate Molecule NecklaceThis one’s for the chocolate lovers! This delicate necklace shows the molecular structure for theobromine, which is found in chocolate.
  3. They See Me Rollin’ Pin—Show your rolling pin some love with a cheeky “They See Me Rollin’” enamel pin.

We hope you’ve found the perfect gifts for the bakers in your life! We sure had fun compiling this list! Happy shopping!

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