The 39+ Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

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We did the research for you to find the 39+ best gifts for tea lovers! From DIY tea kits to beautiful steeping equipment, these gifts will not disappoint.

A perfectly brewed pot of tea is such a beautiful simple pleasure in life! And while most of us love a good cuppa on occasion, many of us can think of a truly passionate tea drinker in our lives who would be thrilled with some tea-related gifts. We’ve got tons of ideas of perfect Christmas, holiday, birthday, or other occasion gifts for tea lovers in your life.

Of course, you can never go wrong with hooking your favorite tea drinker up with some of their favorite tea (and we have some suggestions for that below), but we’ve also got tons of ideas for how to break away from the mold and give some truly unique gifts! Let’s get gifting.

A white teapot pours tea into a white teacup.

What makes our 2021 list of gifts for tea lovers the best ever?

We believe these items are the best because we’ve personally laid down our own money and tested them ourselves. We don’t accept any freebies for our gift guides. Everything on this list is something that we really love.

We try to find a good balance between big box stores and small businesses, including diverse companies. This includes products from BIPOC-owned companies, woman-owned companies, and LGBTQ+-owned companies. Happy shopping!

Note: Many of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning if you purchase through our link, we get a small kickback for referring you—at no cost to you.

Tea Brewing Equipment

Give their tea pots and kettles an upgrade with these stylish, high-quality brewing tools.

Collage of four small appliances for brewing tea, including an electric kettle and glass steeping pot.

  1. The Aesthete Brew Pot—This beautiful tea pot is perfectly sized for many individual or small servings of tea. This tea pot is to be used with loose leaf teas, so pair it with a package of tea for a great gift!
  2. Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle with Infuser Basket—Sleek and streamlined, this kettle-and-teapot-in-one combo is equipment you won’t mind leaving on display on your stovetop.
  3. Rainbow Perfect Steep Infuser—This iridescent rainbow tea infuser fits across the rim of a mug, and is the perfect size for steeping a cup of tea.
  4. Cuisinart PerfecTemp Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle—Adding an electric kettle to your brewing routine is life-changing! We love this one because it is stainless steel inside and out, and can heat water to different temperatures according to the kind of tea you are making.

Four small items of tea brewing equipment including a tea scoop and a three-in-one sand hourglass tea timer.

  1. Majestic Rainbow Scoop—Not only does this tea scoop pair perfectly with the rainbow stainless steel infuser above, but its long handle also serves as a clip for your bag of tea or coffee.
  2. Teabloom Trio Tea Timer—A tea timer is a must-have for a true tea-lover—especially if they are brewing any teas that tend to go bitter when brewed too long (I’m looking at you, green tea). This tea timer makes a cute stocking stuffer, or pair it with a mug and tea for a gift basket!
  3. Jumping Leaf Glass Tea Pot—For the best tea, you want your loose leaf tea to have enough room to “dance” around in a pot—or in this case, jump! This clear glass tea pot is perfect for letting tea steep with plenty of viewing space to enjoy the show.
  4. Stainless Steel Coffee/Tea Maker—We use this big, bad French press every day to make a giant pot of ginger tea. This sucker holds over a quart of tea, and it’s double-walled insulated—so your tea stays hot for hours.

Tea Accessories

Help the tea lover in your life stash and store their favorite tea (both leaves and brewed) using these super helpful accessories.

Collage of four tea accessories including three brightly colored, decorative tea tins.

  1. Portable Cold Brew Tea Bottle—Drop some loose tea leaves in the bottom of this bottle, top it off with cold water, and stash it in the fridge for a few hours. Now you have delicious cold brew tea to take on-the-go, no straining required—a tea strainer is built right in! This bottle would also be a great way to make infused water.
  2. Lacquer-Coated Tea Canister—These stylish containers are simple but well-made. Offered in a multitude of colors, they fit in nicely with any kitchen decor while providing airtight tea leaf storage.
  3. Japanese Tea Canister—With its double lid, this washi paper-coated tea canister will protect your tea from moisture and air exposure, giving it a longer shelf life.
  4. Floral Printed Tin—This sweet and colorful tin from David’s Tea is a much cuter way to store your loose leaf tea than in its original packaging.

Teas and Tea Companies

You can’t go wrong with a gift of tea for the tea aficionado on your list! Whether you are gifting bags of tea on their own or pairing them with one of our other gifts for tea lovers, here are some of our favorite places to get tea.

Four tea companies selling loose leaf tea, including The Chai Box and INI Sips.

  1. The Chai Box—Have a masala chai lover in your life? If so, let them explore the varied and interesting flavors of different types of chai with this sampler box.
  2. Dwell Tea Company—We have enjoyed every tea we’ve tried from this Black woman-owned tea company—the balance of flavor is perfect every time. We especially recommend their Dwellness tea, an herbal blend containing elderberry, and the Life’s a Peach black tea.
  3. Aesthete Tea—These creative tea blends not only taste amazing, but they also look absolutely beautiful. They are a great option for pairing with the Jumping Leaf Glass Tea Pot we recommended above! We love the Herbal Chai and Witches Brew blends.
  4. Ini Sips—We first featured Ini Sips on our coffee lovers gift guide, and we just had to try their tea, too. We cannot get enough of their cinnamon and orange-infused Spiced Sunshine tea during the cold months, and loved their Coconut Guava Green Tea as iced tea this summer.

Wholefully Protip

If you don’t know what type of tea your loved one drinks, you can’t go wrong with a sampler pack! Not only can you make sure they get what they want, but it’s also a fun chance for them to experiment and find new favorite sips.

Collage of four loose leaf tea gifts including hot cinnamon spice and homemade chai spice blend.

  1. Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea—This cinnamon tea comes as either black tea or rooibos tea (for those of us who want something caffeine-free). It is sweet without any added sweetener, nicely spiced, and perfect for fall and winter.
  2. High Five Chai Blend—If you like your chai heavy on the spices, then this is the chai blend for you. We recommend it with milk and a little brown sugar.
  3. Flying Bird Tea Trio—Flying Bird Botanicals sources organic herbs from local farms for their tea. Our favorite was the Blueberry Morning Herbal Tea.
  4. Chai Tea Gift Set—If it isn’t obvious yet, we’re definite chai fans! Here’s our personal recipe, along with directions for packing it for an affordable, thoughtful gift.

Serving Ware Gifts for Tea Lovers

Don’t gift just any tea mug—these are the best of the best beautiful ways to serve tea!
Four gifts for serving tea including a creamer and sugar set and various mugs.

  1. Tea for Two Set—This adorable “big and little” mug set is perfectly sized for tea parties with children. Choose from duck or elephant prints.
  2. Sweese Porcelain Tea Mug with Lid and Infusion—This cute, single-serve brew mug is great for brewing loose leaf tea one cup at a time. It comes in tons of great colors, so you can pick your favorite. Plus, the simple sides are just asking to be customized with a vinyl cutter or paints!
  3. Tea Break Tray—Breakfast in bed just got elevated thanks to this beautiful tea tray! With a spot to hold your sips and snacks, this tray keeps everything sturdy and tidy even on soft surfaces.
  4. Mason Stoneware Cream and Sugar Set—Looking for an attractive way to serve cream and sugar in your brunch or coffee spreads? This little set nestles together sweetly on a matching tray. 

Four gifts for drinking tea, including colorful tea cups and saucers and a color-changing tea mug.

  1. Paradise Color Changing Nordic Mug—When filled with a hot beverage, the colors on this mug become more vivid and colorful. The lid can be used as a coaster or to keep your drink warm.
  2. Everest Tea Tumbler—Take your tea on the go with an insulated stainless steel tumbler in bright, modern colors. This travel mug is leakproof, works well for both cold and hot tea, and has a built-in infuser basket.
  3. Mismatched Tea Cups and Saucers—Mismatched tea cups are the ultimate in shabby chic, and this Etsy seller lets you customize your pack to get the perfect gift set. These are great gifts for tea lovers who also have an affinity for all things vintage!
  4. Glazed Cream and Sugar Bowls—These colorful hand-glazed cream and sugar bowls are perfect for everyday use. They are vibrant, fun, and beautiful enough to live on your kitchen table!

Tea-Infused Foods

Who says you can only drink tea? We love all things tea flavored—here are our favorite tea-infused foods and ingredients.

Three tea-infused foods including goat milk chai caramels and chai masala milk chocolate.

  1. Chai Masala Milk Chocolate Bar—This chocolate bar is a perfect stocking stuffer for the masala chai lover in your life! It’s packed full of chocolate flavor with just a hint of chai spice.
  2. Tea-Brewed Cocktail Mixers—A Hot Toddy isn’t the only cocktail that can feature tea, and these mixers are proof of that! Combine them with a bottle of alcohol for a great gift set.
  3. Chai Goat Milk Caramels—These caramels are soft, silky, and deliciously spiced with the flavors of masala chai. They make great stocking stuffers!

Creative Gifts for Tea Lovers

You’ve bought the loose leaf tea, the mugs, and the tea pots—now what should you get your favorite tea drinker? No worries, we’ve got you covered with some unique gifts for tea fans!
Collage of four creative gifts for tea lovers, including a graphic novel entitled The Tea Dragon Society and a tea and milk and honey scented candle.

  1. Bubble Tea Kit—Bubble tea is such a fun way to sip on a cup of tea, but not many people know it’s super easy to make at home! This kit gives you all the goodies you need to make bubble tea at home—even the thick straws for sipping up the tapioca pearls.
  2. The Tea Dragon Society—Both kids and grown-ups alike will enjoy this fantasy graphic novel series by K. O’Neill. The story centers around the caretakers of creatures called tea dragons, who have names like Rooibos and Chamomile.
  3. Did You Eat Sticky Notes Pad—These sticky notes adorned with tea and cookies make a great stocking stuffer or small gift add-on.
  4. Tea & Milk & Honey Candle—With the scents of black tea, amber, tonka, and jasmine, this candle from sustainability-focused company Rosmarino Candles smells warm and inviting.

Collage of creative tea gifts including a tea-rex t-shirt and a boba tea light.

  1. Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light—Bubble tea fans will be delighted by this adorable lamp and its warm, soft glow.
  2. But First, Tea Enamel Pin—We’re huge fan of artist Justine Gilbuena’s work, and this tea-themed pin is no exception.
  3. Tea-Rex Dinosaur Shirt—Pun lovers and tea fiends will get a giggle out of this tee. Available in toddler sizes up to adult 3X.
  4. Zach & Zoe Honey—We had a great time tasting all the different honey flavors from this Black-owned company. The ginger honey was a particular favorite, but all of them would be great stirred into tea.

We hope we have helped you find some unique gift ideas for all the tea lovers on your list!

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