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How to Make Homemade Mayo in Two Minutes

Side-angle shot of Homemade Mayo getting spooned out of a glass jar

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Vegetarian, Gluten-Free

2 minutes

An immersion blender makes perfect, easy, healthy Homemade Mayo every single time. The best part? It only takes two minutes!

After you read this post, you’ll never (EVER!) need to buy mayo again. No more buying plastic jars of mayo with questionable ingredients. No more shelling out $9 for a little jar of the high-end organic mayos that you use up in one sandwich-making session. You will have the knowledge to make your own homemade mayo in less time than it takes to pull off those annoying safety seals on the jars of the store-bought stuff.

If you’ve ever tried to make mayo at home, you might know that it can be finicky and time-consuming. But using your immersion blender (this is the one I have and use to make mayo weekly) takes out ALL the guesswork and ALL the time. You can literally go from no mayo to homemade mayo in less than two minutes, just by pushing a button.

Side-by-side shot of making mayo and finished Homemade Mayo

The process here couldn’t be simpler. You put all the ingredients in a jar. You put your immersion blender in and hold it on the bottom of the jar. You turn it on low. Once you start to see the mixture looking white, opaque, and generally more mayo-like, you can raise the blender to mix in the remainder of the oil. The whole process takes 47 seconds (we actually timed it).

Then you just slap a lid on the jar you used, store in the fridge, and enjoy! It’s flavorful, thick, creamy, and perfect for putting on your sandwiches.


No slowly dripping in oil to get an emulsion. No need to ensure you have the perfect temperature eggs. You honestly don’t even have to be perfectly accurate with measurements with this recipe (I tend to eyeball it). The immersion blender makes perfect, easy, healthy homemade mayo every single time.

Side-angle shot of Homemade Mayo in a glass jar

Mayo is an incredibly simple combination of ingredients: just egg, oil, vinegar, mustard, and salt. You can really play with whatever flavors you like, but my perfect mayo is made from avocado oil (it’s light in flavor, non-GMO, and not über-processed like some of the other vegetable oils), Dijon mustard, and apple cider vinegar. I find that this combo makes a homemade mayo with a very similar flavor to that of high-end store-bought mayos.

Overhead shot of ingredients for Homemade Mayo - oil, egg, vinegar, mustard, salt
Spoon full of Homemade Mayo on a grey background

I would recommend against using all olive oil to make mayo (unless it’s a very, very light flavored olive oil). Olive oil has a strong, almost bitter flavor, and it’s really intensified by the emulsification process of making mayo. Olive oil mayo is not my favorite. But this avocado oil mayo? It is. Enjoy!

Side-angle shot of Homemade Mayo getting spooned out of a glass jar

Homemade Mayo in Two Minutes

  • Author: Cassie Johnston
  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 1 cup
  • Category: Condiments


An immersion blender makes perfect, easy, healthy Homemade Mayo every single time. The best part? It only takes two minutes!


  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, plus more to taste
  • 1 cup avocado oil


  1. Add all ingredients in the order listed into a wide-mouth pint Mason jar (or any other jar wide enough to fit an immersion blender).
  2. While the immersion blender is off, place the blade all the way on the bottom of the jar. Turn the immersion blender on low, and let sit on the bottom of the jar for about 30 seconds. Do not move the blender!
  3. When the liquid at the bottom of the jar starts to look white, opaque and mayo-like, slowly raise the blender through the rest of the oil. The mixture will continue to thicken up as you pull the blender up.
  4. Once you have reached the top and all the oil has been blended in, turn off the blender and you’re done! Season more to taste, if desired, and store in the fridge in the jar you used to blend it.


  • Feel free to experiment with the mustards, vinegars, and oils you use in your mayo until you find the perfect combo for your family. This is our favorite as it most closely resembles the avocado oil mayos that you get from the grocery store.

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  • katie SAYS

    This is definitely a winter cooking experiment for me, but I will be making my own!

  • Rachel SAYS

    I become more impressed with this blog with each passing day! I’ve loved it for so long and I just wanted to tell you that I think you are doing a fabulous job with maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, being an amazing blogger, and balancing all of that with mother/wifehood. You are such an inspiration!!

  • Sarah Grey SAYS

    How much does this taste like mayo from the grocery store? I actually really hate mayonnaise and only eat it in the context of something like chicken salad and even then there can’t be too much of it. I’m wondering if I would like homemade better or if it’s basically the same.

    • Cassie SAYS

      It depends entirely on what ingredients you use. You can get something really similar to store bought with white vinegar, regular mustard and vegetable oil. I think the mix I have here (especially the lemon juice) makes it taste nothing like the stuff in the jar

  • Aleen SAYS

    I’ve had 100% success with Serious Eats’ recipe and technique, which requires no dripping or drizzling of oil! It’s been life-changing :)

  • i have not made mayo before but i could see this happening in my kitchen soon.

  • Deney SAYS

    I think l may have put too much djon mustard in? Any Tips to save my first attempt at mayo pleeease?

    • Cassie SAYS

      Is the texture wrong? Or the taste?

      • Deney SAYS

        Its the taste, I probably put more than a tablespoon in as just used a dessert spoon. Its nice and creamy though just the djion is too strong. Should I perhaps make another batch without the djion and then add the two together?

      • Cassie SAYS

        That would probably work. You could also just leave the mustard out of the second batch all together—it’s just for taste.

      • Deney SAYS

        Oh ok great,thanks for the help! Love all your posts :)

  • Katie SAYS

    I stumbled onto your blog tonight via Pinterest and am so glad I did! You have given such great step-by-step instructions and photos for a lot of things I’ve been meaning to give a go making myself (laundry soap, kefir and mayo, just to name a few). I can’t wait to get started! The graphic designer in me also very much appreciates your aesthetic. Thanks so much for sharing with the world! :)

  • Mysterious.... SAYS

    A great substitute for mayo is greek yogurt. It is much healthier, lower in calories, and just as tasty! You can add spices if desired.

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