A plastic skeleton rests atop two sheets of printable Halloween notes beside a bento lunch.

Download our free printable Halloween school lunch notes! These spooky jokes and silly puns are an easy way to add some Halloween fun to your kid’s day.

Turn your child’s lunchtime into a spooktacular experience in just seconds with our free printable Halloween lunch box notes! These cute and funny lunch box notes and jokes are a super easy way to add a little extra magic and fun to your kiddo’s day.

Two cute Halloween notes atop a bento-style school lunch.

Why we love Halloween lunch notes—they’re easy as (pumpkin!) pie!

We also know that school mornings can be hectic, so if you don’t have the extra time to devote to putting together a themed lunch for Halloween, our free Halloween lunch notes come to the rescue! You can download, print, and cut out these notes in mere minutes! Just slip one or two into your child’s lunches to help them have a spooktacular day!

Protip: Get inspired!

Have a few extra minutes to spare? Check out our Halloween lunch ideas to get inspired to fill your kid’s lunchbox with the Halloween spirit.

Our Halloween notes have two pages—one with cute and creepy notes and the other with funny Halloween jokes that will give your kiddo a good chuckle at lunchtime! 

Sheets of notes and jokes for Halloween beneath a packed lunch with fruit, veg, and snacks.

What’s the best way to print lunch box notes?

We prefer card stock just so it’s a little more sturdy for the lunchbox trip, but regular printer paper works fine, too! To save even more time, print some and cut them out with scissors on the weekends—keep them on your lunch packing cart for easy lunches!

Protip: Make it personal!

Want to add a personal touch? You can write your own messages alongside our pre-designed jokes. Let your creativity run wild, and leave sweet notes to remind your child how special they are.

Download our Halloween lunch box notes

You can download our free printable Halloween lunch box notes now and use them all spooky season long! Looking for some lunch box notes for all year round? We’ve got you covered with our year-round cute lunch box notes—also totally free!

Download The Lunch Notes
Spooky lunch notes under a lunchbox with two additional notes nestled in with the snacks.

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