1. Cassie,
    I probably didn’t need to know about this as it is 4am and I am now craving mac and cheese! The coconut milk is brilliant and I think would probably offset the saltiness of the bacon beautifully. Thanks so much for the post and I will be dreaming about this recipe all day!

    • I think it would freeze alright. Pasta dishes are a bit tricky because they tend to get mushy when you reheat them, so I recommend cooking your macaroni pretty al dente, and then freezing before it goes in the oven. And maybe have some extra coconut milk and butter to put on top when you go to reheat it in the oven.

  2. Just made this tonight, it was great! Super creamy without being overly heavy like some mac n cheese can be. I had to add a decent amount of salt because of the sweetness from the coconut milk, and I also added nutmeg just because I love nutmeg in mac n cheese. Thanks for the recipe, as always!

  3. I love all of your recipes, and this is one of the best! Can’t wait to try it; it has basically all of my favorite ingredients! Your blog is awesome; I can’t believe I just now found it! Also, a “small farm in southern Indiana”? You could be my neighbor! 🙂

  4. I had all the ingredients ready to make this TWO YEARS ago when I found out my newborn had a dairy allergy and it was suddenly off the menu (I gave up dairy as well so I could keep feeding her.) I finally made this yesterday, and oh my gawd, it is amazing! So delicious and creamy. Thank you!

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