A "Love you Berry Much!" note rests on top of a special packed lunch with red and white candies, fresh berries, cucumber slices, pretzel twists, and a spinach tortilla wrap.

Send a Valentine to your kids with these printable templates perfectly sized for lunch boxes. They’re filled with fun Valentine messages for kids.

Most people see Valentine’s Day as the most romantic of holidays, but we parents know that Valentine’s Day can be a super fun holiday to celebrate with your kids, too!

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Eight Valentine's Day messages on one sheet of paper to print, cut, and put into a kid's lunch.

Since Valentine’s Day often falls on a school day, a themed lunch is one of our favorite ways to make the day feel a bit special. No worries—you don’t have to get up an hour early to make a fancy lunch! Just throw in a Valentine’s Day sweet or two, use some pink and red foods and accessories, and toss in one of our adorable printable Valentine’s Day lunchbox notes!

These food puns Valentine’s Day notes have cute Valentine’s sayings that are easy to print out, cut out, and slip into a lunch box. We made eight different notes—plenty to send the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and maybe even match up to the foods in the lunch!

A cute valentine message for kids with smiling berries beside the words, "Love you berry much!" nestled into fresh berries packed in school lunch.

To print these, download the PDF and print from your device. We prefer cardstock just so it’s a little more sturdy for the lunchbox trip, but regular printer paper works fine too! Feel free to jot a little personalized note in the margins to make the message extra-special!

Protip: Printable Lunch Notes for Every Day

Not Valentine’s Day? You can still print a funny or sweet note in your kid’s lunch box with our every-season Printable Lunch Notes!

Special valentine messages for school lunches beside a bento-style lunch with a note on top.
Download The Lunch Notes

Want some fun school lunch ideas to go with these Valentine messages for kids?

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