Good morning (or almost afternoon) friends! What a beautiful day we have here in the Midwest. The windows are open and the sun is shining. I woke up this morning, after 10 glorious hours of sleep, and still felt exhausted. Boo. But refused to miss my run. Pre-run had a misshapen piece of toasted with some PB, jam and chia seeds.

During digestion, I pulled together a new 3 mile play list. I think I’m going to do this each Saturday for my long runs. New music makes runs much more fun.


Once I got on the trail, the birds were chirping, my music was fun and there was a cool breeze and I got a nice burst of energy. I had an awesome 3 miles this morning. It was cool and clear and I felt fantastic!

Post run, I refueled with some coconut water.

Coconut Water

I normally buy O.N.E. coconut water because it is cheaper, but they were all out and this one was there and it was fantastic. Tasted like berry sweet tea. Mmmm! 

For breakfast #2, I really wanted a green monster. But our blender is still on the fritz after my massive refried beans batch. But green juice was a good substitute.


Into the juicer went:

  • 3 stalks celery
  • Half a cucumber
  • Handful snap peas
  • Bunch of some random green we got in our CSA
  • Handful of Italian parsley
  • Half an orange
  • Quarter lemon
  • Quarter lime
  • Whole Apple <—– normally would only use half, but no carrots mean I needed some more sweet
  • 1 tbsp. Maca Powder <—–mixed in after

Green Juice

Since I feel like I might be catching something, I want to make sure I’m eating well, and juicing is a great way to get a TON of nutrients. Can you imagine eating all that listed above in one sitting? No way! But by juicing, I can suck out a lot of the nutrients in an easy-to-eat package.

Green juice

For a little bit more umph, added some yogurt, blueberries and granola.


And as promised yesterday, Cold Care tea.



All together now!


I wish I could say this juice was awesome, but it wasn’t. Whatever those greens were that I used were super spicy and the spicy/sweet did not mix well together. I choked down about 2/3 of this and then couldn’t take anymore. Bummer.

Today’s plans include a whole lot of resting on the couch. I really want to fight off whatever is making me feel so fatigued and with some good food, lots of tea and rest, I think I can tackle it.


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    1. They have them at the West Side Bloomingfoods in the bulk section (in the jars, not the bins) and at Sahara Mart in the baking section. Sahara Mart carries the Bob’s Red Mill Brand. Sahara Mart is a better deal ($8.50/lb versus $13/lb at Bloomingfoods) but they almost always out of stock.