I hate to even type this.

But I think I might be coming down with something.

Yeeesh. I’ve just been so terribly wiped out recently. Sure, I’ve upped my exercise routine with my 10K training, but I’m making sure to get enough sleep and fuel properly. There is no reason for me to be so tired! I got 8 1/2 hours of sleep last night, had a calm day at work AND today is my rest day on my training plan and I am still struggling to keep my eyes open. Tomorrow I am going to have a mug of echinacea tea glued to my hand all day.


Despite my exhaustion, it is Friday! And Fridays are super happy CSA day!


A nice change of pace from the weeks of green peppers and tomatoes we’ve been getting. We are officially into Fall!


So happy greens have made a return.


Is this a pumpkin? We got winter squash last week too and our stash is definitely growing. Good thing squash last so long.


Hickory nuts! Not entirely sure what to do with these. Suggestions welcome.


Standard eggs.


And a small loaf of honey whole wheat bread. Which looks yum! (But can’t possibly be as good as the Husband’s).

Not only is it CSA day, but it is pizza night! Any day that you have pizza is a good day. My exhaustion won this battle and we used whole wheat pitas for a crust. They are perfectly delicious and supremely easy. Start to finish (including baking) this pizza took 15 minutes.


My toppings were just onions and green peppers. Plus mozza and some cheddar.


Yum! I love the little slices that come out of little pizzas.


Served with a mighty salad!


I had a pita and a half worth of pizza, which was filling! 


Alright, it is 7:30pm and I’m going to go lay in bed and watch a movie. If I fall asleep, so be it. Giving my body what it needs. I promise lots more good content tomorrow (including the last part of the series on the perfect s’more). Happy Friday, my friends!

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  1. Your pizza looks WAY better than the one I paid for tonight!!! I think our Friday night pizza night’s are going to turn into make your own pizza night, I’m sick of paying for pizza that’s horrible for us and isn’t even that good anymore.

    I would LOVE to be in bed right now with a movie! Unfortunately, 3 kids of mine aren’t quite ready for bed yet.

    Hope you feel better 🙂