5 Savory Ways to Top a Frozen Waffle

5 Savory Ways to Top A Frozen Waffle
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My kitchen is mostly filled with whole foods that I gladly cook from scratch for my family (because it makes me happy, not because I think it’s “right” or “wrong” to feed your family the way I do). You’ll find a whole cabinet dedicated to dried beans and grains. My fridge is packed with fruits and veggies. We don’t usually spend a lot of time in the middle aisles of the grocery store. It’s how we eat, and it works for our family.

That all being said, there are a number of boxed food staples that are always kicking around in our kitchen for when time is tight and tummies are rumbling, and frozen waffles are one of those staples. They are a super easy, super tasty, and incredibly versatile choice for breakfast, lunch or snacks. And I love that there are really great options out there with recognizable ingredients.

When I do feed my family convenience foods, I try to make sure they are high quality and similar to what I would make myself (if I had a clone who had time to do those kinds of things). That is why I am huge, giant, mega fan of Van’s frozen waffles. They are Non-GMO Project verified, and contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils, and they are readily available at “regular” grocery stores. Yay for no special trips to the health food store!

5 Savory Ways to Top A Frozen Waffle

I am thrilled (seriously giddy) to tell you guys that I am a proud Van’s Ambassador (AKA: a Vantastic Foodie!) for 2016—meaning I’m going to be bringing you all kinds of deliciousness featuring the wholesome products from the amazing people at Van’s this year. We’re kicking things off with waffles, but you’ll be seeing the whole range of Van’s products this year.

Van’s waffles are a great choice for anyone who is trying to eat a little better in the New Year. They are whole grain and nutrient-dense. If you have someone who is gluten-free in your family, Van’s also has a great line of gluten-free waffles. We’re test driving the whole gluten-free thing for a few weeks (to see if it’s a cause of some chronic headaches) and Van’s gluten-free waffles are so delicious, I barely even miss gluten (okay, that’s an exaggeration, I miss a big fluffy pizza crust like whoa).

There are 13 different varieties of Van’s waffles to try out, and any of them would make for a filling, wholesome breakfast topped with nut butter or yogurt, but if you want to break out of the box, pick up one of the unflavored varieties and make yourself a savory waffle for lunch or a snack! I know 2015 was all about toast, but I’m gonna go ahead and declare 2016 the year waffles overtake toast! Who says you have to top your waffles with syrup? Try some of these savory ideas instead!

Sriracha Avocado Waffle

Sriracha Avocado Waffle

Make it! ///Avocado toast? Psssssh! Try an avocado waffle! Top your toasted waffle with thin-sliced ripe avocado, and then drizzle on Sriracha hot chile sauce (more or less depending on the kind of heat you want). Sprinkle on toasted sesame seeds for a bit of added crunch and flavor. Then top the whole thing with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Yum!

Caprese Waffle

Caprese Waffle

Make it! /// Toast your waffle, then layer on thinly sliced fresh mozzarella cheese with thinly sliced tomatoes and fresh basil. Drizzle the whole thing with some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Then sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. Try to eat just one, I dare you.

Spinach and Hummus Waffle

Spinach and Hummus Waffle

Make it! /// Top your toasted waffle with your favorite hummus (flavored or plain) and then cover it with a blanket of fresh baby spinach leaves. Sprinkle the top with some crumbled feta. If you’re feeling really off-the-wall, you can pop the whole thing back in the toaster oven to wilt the spinach and let the feta get soft and gooey. Yum.

Burrito on a Waffle

Burrito on a Waffle

Make it! /// Spread guacamole on top of a toasted waffle, then place halved cherry tomatoes and black beans on top. Sprinkle sliced green onions, fresh minced cilantro, salt and pepper on top. Add some grated jack cheese and a pinch of cumin and cayenne pepper for a truly tasty waffle.

Smoked Salmon Waffle

Smoked Salmon Waffle

Make it! /// Sounds fancy. Couldn’t be easier to make. Spread softened cream cheese (plain is great, but flavored works, too) on top of your toasted waffle. Layer on thinly-sliced cucumbers (I like the English cucumbers) and then layer on thin slices of smoked salmon. Sprinkle fresh minced dill, salt, and pepper over the whole thing. Eat and feel fancy.

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5 Savory Ways to Top A Frozen Waffle

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  1. Alicia

    I love topping my waffle with greek-yogurt cream cheese, sliced hardboiled egg, cracked pepper, and thin sliced chicken breast! YUM.

    1. Cassie

      You know, I’ve never had sunflower seed butter! But it sounds awesome. Is it creamy like peanut butter or a little grainy like almond butter?

      1. It really depends on which brand you buy. Sun Butter is pretty creamy (but most of the varieties have added ingredients like oil/sugar). I personally love the Maranatha version, which is much more grainy like almond butter. I think it is an acquired taste, but once you love it you LOVE it!

  2. Kim

    I never thought to top a waffle with savory ingredients but it sounds great to me! I’m not a fan of syrup so this would be a great alternative.

  3. Ashley N

    Love Vans! Just finished a box this weekend. I actually used two waffles as “bread” to make an egg sandwich. Scrambled an egg, topped with a slice of asiago cheese. Really delicious!

  4. Athena R

    I have never gone the savory route with waffles, but you have inspired me. If it’s not maple syrup and butter then I like topping my waffles with pb, honey and bananas.

  5. Carly

    I love to do waffles with a smudge of peanut butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and some slivered almonds! It’s my go-to work breakfast, and keeps me full all morning long!

  6. Sarah Durso

    I never thought about searching for frozen waffles as a healthy convenience food. I think it would be really good with a frozen veggie burger on top for ultimate convenience!

  7. Joann

    I haven’t eaten waffles in such a long time because of the side effects it has on me. But I would love to try these. Maybe they wouldn’t do the same. But I love topping them with a variety of fruit and yogurt.

  8. Lynn

    Gosh, I”m boring reading all these other entries. How creative! I top mine with almond butter and some honey.

    Thanks for the post!

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