Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Apple Bourbon Hot Toddy

There are a lot of wonderful things that I love about the holidays. I love how (almost) everyone has a little pep in their step. I love catching up with friends and family that I don’t normally get to see. I love the delicious, heavy, gloriously sugar- and butter-filled food. I love the parades. And holiday cards. And the lights. And the decorations. And the music. And the bourbon. I love the bourbon.

We always have bourbon in my house (we are a stone’s throw to Kentucky, after all), but the bottle gets pulled out of the liquor cabinet a lot more during the holidays. To me, the flavor of bourbon is an engrained part of this time of year. Bourbon balls (forget rum balls). Derby pie. Blondies. Eggnog. Cookies. Bourbon all the things! I’m really glad they sell Buffalo Trace at Costco (at least at our Costco, I hear bourbon isn’t a normal thing in all Costcos—what a shame), because we’ll be going through a good dose of the stuff over the next two months.

Apple Bourbon Hot Toddy

This apple-tastic version of a classic hot toddy is a fun, warm, cozy drink that is perfect to sip on while you sit by the fire with your relatives during your turkey coma. Hot Toddies (Toddys?) are typically “known” for their use as a home remedy for a cold—and while that’s certainly still applicable to this drink—I think the hot toddy deserves to break out of the shadow of sickness. A hot toddy is a wonderful drink to sip on even if you are in top fighting shape!

Typically, a hot toddy draws a lot of its flavor from the whiskey (here I use bourbon, but you can really use just about whatever whiskey you’d like), so if you prefer cocktails that mask the flavor of the booze—this one probably isn’t for you. It isn’t like sipping bourbon straight, but it definitely has a pronouced bourbon flavor that I find completely wonderful and cozy. Bourbon haters need not apply.

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