The Big Pregnancy Update Post

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While I don’t really plan on changing a whole lot around here while I’m pregnant (still expect lots of healthy recipes, printables and general life musings), this blog has always been about what’s big in my life right now, and I figure bringing a little Johnston into the world is pretty much as big as they come (well, at least, to us). I want to share it with you guys! 

Alright, let’s talk about my pregnancy so far (and answer some question you guys had). Sorry for the length of this post, I’ve been holding in a lot of info for the past few months!

me pregnant

How far along are you? As of today, I am 17 weeks, 4 days pregnant. Which makes me due on June 8, 2014 (which just happens to be my Mama’s birthday). I was actually due later in the month, but I had an ultrasound in my first trimester and the little peanut is measuring ahead of schedule so they moved me up. I’m a June baby, and I always loved having a summer birthday (pool parties!), so I’m excited that our kid gets to have that same experience.

Belly pics, please! Okay, so the state of the belly is funny. I always thought that because I’m a big girl, with a big ole belly, that I wouldn’t “show” that I was pregnant until my eighth month or something, but just the opposite has happened. Because I have that big ole belly on top of a pregnant belly, it basically looks like I’m seven months pregnant even though I’m only just over four months (and yes, there is just one baby in there). It’s totally crazy.

me pregnant

There was definitely no tiny-baby-bump thing going on. I basically went from looking like my normal self to looking mega-pregnant overnight a few weeks ago. Which I’m not hating. It means people give me more space in the grocery store, people hold the door for me, and I never had any of that awkward in-between-clothes time. My regular pants just stopped fitting one day, and I moved to maternity clothes. I bought a pair of jeans, a pair of cords, a pair of leggings and a few maternity tops and I hope those will get me through until the really warm weather hits in the Spring. In related news, I may never give up maternity pants. Why don’t people wear these all the time? Especially people with round bellies. They look like regular pants, but they feel like pajamas! Maternity pants rock.

Side note: not sure why making crazy faces and pointing to my belly is my default pregnancy pose. I promise I’ll take some less ridiculous photos in the future.

How have you been feeling physically? Uh, not so hot. Name a nasty, uncomfortable symptom of pregnancy, and I have it (and still have it, even though I’m solidly in my second trimester now). All-day morning sickness—check. Lots of puking—check. Hormonal migraines—check. Sinus infections—check. Joint pain—check. Crushing fatigue—check. Food aversions—check. Insomnia—check. I’ve been told there are some women who feel great during pregnancy, and boy, I am not one of them. It feels wrong to complain about pregnancy when I know there are so many women who would love to feel what I’m feeling, but the truth is, pregnancy ain’t my favorite thing I’ve ever done. Everyone keeps telling me I should feel better any day now that I’m out of my first trimester, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

saltines gatorade

The good news? I’m told that having such wretched symptoms (especially the unrelenting morning sickness) is actually a good sign that baby is rocking it in the belly. So every time I find myself hugging the toilet, I try to think, “This is a good thing. This is a good thing. This is a good thing.”

On a related note, I am so very, very thankful to work from home. You mamas who went through rough pregnancies working full-time (or more, and taking care of kids, family, etc.) are my friggin’ heroes. I feel so fortunate that if I’m having a really bad day, and that bad day happens to be a Tuesday, I can crawl up in bed and watch a bunch of crappy daytime TV. Granted, it might mean that I have to do work when insomnia hits at 3am on Sunday, but still, having the flexibility to work around how I feel has been an absolute blessing.

How have you been feeling mentally? Remarkably calm about the whole thing. I always thought I’d be super giddy and crazy when I found out I was expecting, but it hasn’t been that way. I’m excited, don’t get me wrong, but it’s more of a secret smile kind of excited. It just feels…right. If that makes any sense. Craig has mentioned feeling the same way, too. Just feeling…complete. Honestly, this is how all the big decisions in my life have felt. I always think I’m going to be giddy, but when the time comes, it’s more like puzzle pieces slowly fitting together than some big whizz-bang emotional explosion.

What I am really, crazy excited for—I’m so looking forward to being a parent and raising a child with Craig. We both had such great childhoods, and I’m excited to be able to give that to our little guy or gal, too. I cannot wait to see how good of a Dad my husband is going to be (he’ll be amazing). I know a lot of women get excited about the pregnancy part of this process, but I’m over pregnancy and its symptoms. I haven’t enjoyed it, so I’m instead focusing on how amazing it’s going to be to meet our son or daughter. I’ve found myself ignoring the stack of pregnancy books I have, and instead focusing on reading as much as I can about being a parent. I know nothing will prepare you for having your first child, but educating myself about parenthood feels like a better way to spend my quickly-dwindling alone time than fretting about if I should eat brie or not (let’s not get into any pregnancy food debates, k?).

What have you been craving? Cravings are something I have yet to experience. Food in general is not on my list of favorite things right now. The closest thing I have to cravings are when I hear of a food, and I think “Oh, that actually sounds like I could eat it without throwing up.” And I usually rush to eat it, because that feeling almost always passes. I’ve been eating a lot of soups, frozen pizzas, Greek yogurt, eggs, frozen burritos, most raw veggies, cheese, oatmeal and fruit. My midwife basically told me that if I can find something that sounds edible, I should eat it. So I’ve also been partaking in the occasional bag of chips with queso, Rally’s hamburger and bowl of mac and cheese. Oh, and drinking a lot of different beverages (cranberry juice, orange juice, natural colas, sparkling waters, milk, Gatorade, chocolate milk) because I have another fun pregnancy symptom—dysgeusia—where your mouth tastes like metal all the time. Drinking things is the only thing that gives me some relief.

hansens soda coke can cola

What are your food aversions? Oh, everything, pretty much. There isn’t really a lot that sounds edible, but there are some foods that are totally blacklisted from our house because just the thought of them makes me run to the bathroom. The biggest are onions, garlic and green peppers (ugh, just typing that made me gag). Once they are cooked and hidden in a food (like soup), I’m okay, but if I can taste or smell them individually? Blech. Which makes cooking really, really hard—and is part of the reason why Wholefully went dark for so many weeks back in October/November. When I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, I actually had to plug my nose with tissues so I couldn’t smell the onion and garlic that I was putting in the turkey. And there was also a nearly catastrophic grocery shopping trip where I leaned over to pick a cucumber out of the bin without realizing the garlic was directly above it. I got a big whiff and it took all my willpower and ab muscles to not have my lunch vacated all over the produce aisle. Other no-no foods: leafy greens of any sort, whole grains of any sort (give me white bread or give me death), hot dogs/sausages (you have no idea how many TV shows and movies reference hot dogs).

How have your workouts been? Mostly nonexistent. There were some seriously dark weeks during my first trimester where the entirety of my workout was rolling over in bed, but by the start of my second trimester, I finally had enough energy back to at least get on the treadmill and walk (slooowwwly) for 15 minutes at a time. I’m now up to walking (less slowly, but still snail-like) 30-40 minutes on the treadmill every now and again. And let me tell you, it wears. me. out. It’s laughable that I once was able to run a half marathon. I’ve been told by other ladies who’ve been pregnant that working out helped make their fatigue and morning sickness better, but I’ve yet to experience that. But I keep up with the walking because I know it’s good for both Mama and baby.


How did you find out/tell Craig? The typical way, I suppose. My period was a few days late, which normally wouldn’t have put up any red flags, but combined with the daily queasiness I was feeling (yes, my morning sickness started at four weeks), I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a test. I ran out to CVS, picked up a test, took it and it lit up like a Christmas tree. How’d I tell Craig? Well, he was standing right next to me when I flipped the test over. It was nice that we found out together! We hugged, both got a little teary eyed, sat back on the bed next to each other and said, “Wow.” And tried to let it sink in.

Were you trying? Oh, this question. I never know how to answer this question. Were we trying as in I was charting my cycles and had a box of three dozen pregnancy test strips just waiting in the bathroom for every morning? No. But we’d always talked about having kids when I turned 30. We both are educated adults who know how babies are made. And we weren’t doing anything to stop those babies from being made. So, yes, I suppose we were trying, but it was…uh…organic. It wasn’t a total surprise, let’s put it that way. I feel incredibly blessed that conceiving was easy for us, I know that isn’t the case for a lot of couples, and I can’t imagine the pain that comes along with that.

How’d you tell your families? It was a pretty spread out and haphazard process. We were fortunate enough to be heading up to Craig’s hometown in Canada for his brother’s wedding in early November (when I was eight weeks), and while we would have preferred to wait a little bit later in the pregnancy to spread the news, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell all his family in person. We had a family dinner the first night there, and Craig just announced it to everyone at the dinner table. There were lots of hugs and tears—I’m so glad we got to do it in person! It felt nice to tell a whole chunk of our family, plus my sister-in-law and her sister were both pregnant at that time too, so having some ladies to commiserate with made me feel better.

With my family, our plan was to wait until our family Christmas celebration, which would have made me right at 12 weeks, but that didn’t quite pan out. First of all, I was so sick and I see my parents so often (if you don’t know, they live 1/4 mile from us), that if we didn’t tell them what was really up, I was afraid they were going to think something was really wrong with me. Your Mom can only see you laying on the couch so many times looking miserable before she knows something is up. So we managed to hold out until Thanksgiving. We had just had an ultrasound a few days before, so a few minutes after my parents walked in the door, I just handed them an envelope with the photos and said, “Oh, I have something you should see.” all nonchalant like. It took a few seconds to register after they opened the envelope, but once it did, there were lots more hugs and tears. They are very pumped. This will be their eighth grandchild, but it’s been a while since there’s been a baby in the family, and they’ve never had one that lives so close by!


With the rest of my family (I have two sisters and a brother, plus their families), the plan was to still tell them at our family Christmas, but last-minute, that celebration ended up falling through because of all kinds of scheduling issues. It gets really hard to get 17 people in the same room! We actually didn’t get a chance to see my siblings or their families at all over the holidays. So we had to come up with plan B—I made little bird ornaments for each of them, packed them in boxes along with the picture of Craig and I holding the ultrasound (the same one from my announcement here).


And then my parents delivered them to my sister and brother on Christmas morning, and we shipped one out to my other sister (who lives in Oregon) to open. It was the best way we could figure out to where everyone would find out at roughly the same time, but still do something more meaningful than just a phone call. Plus, it makes me happy that we all have this same ornament on our trees all across the country (I made one for us and my parents, too).

Have any labor and delivery plans yet? My general life philosophy is to follow the middle path, and that isn’t changing with pregnancy. We have an amazing office of midwives and OBs that we are seeing (we will stay with the midwives if the pregnancy is low-risk and stays normal, the OBs are there for backup if something changes). And I will be giving birth in a birthing center that is connected to a major hospital. We haven’t done a ton of thinking about the birth itself, but our general philosophy is going to be that, for the most part, the body knows what it is doing, but there is nothing wrong with using medical intervention if it’s necessary. I know a lot of folks feel very strongly one way or the other about birth, but this middle path philosophy is what makes us the most comfortable. I’ve always felt like a combination of traditional and modern medicine works the best for me, so that’s probably what I’ll stick to throughout my pregnancy. To sum up the whole of my birth plan so far: have a healthy baby.

Will you find out the sex? When? Have any guesses? We have our anatomy scan at the end of this month, and if the baby cooperates, we definitely want to know. As far as guesses, pretty much from the time I flipped the test over, I’ve been picturing a baby boy (as has Craig), but I’m trying to keep my mind open in case our hunches are totally wrong. We’d be thrilled with either, but definitely surprised if it is a girl. Granted, no one has ever accused me of being clairvoyant, so it could go either way.

Have you done anything to get ready for baby? Picked out names? Started the nursery? During the first trimester, I kept saying that I would like to wait to do all of this when I got the sudden rush of energy in the second trimester that everyone kept talking about. But since I’m not sure that’s ever going to come (and since the holidays are now over), we’ve slowly started to accomplish a few things. We’ve tossed a few names around, but we’re mostly waiting to have the serious name talks until we know the sex. As far as the nursery, we know which room it’s going in, and we know a general idea of what we want it to look like (and we started looking at paint chips), but we haven’t done much beyond that. Craig did start clearing out the room this week (it was our old office) and removed the popcorn ceiling. And we’ve had some friends and family buying us goodies (toys, onesies, books!). One thing we did do to prepare: we started a college fund the day I tested positive. It’s never too early, kids.

paint chips

Okay, so I think that gets you all up-to-date on just about everything pregnancy related. Phew, that was a lot of typing! If you made it through that whole thing, you deserve a cookie.

Make sure you guys come back tomorrow because I have another crazy long post for you, but this one has absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy. It’s all about a new menu-planning series I’ve been working on! I’m super excited about it, and hope you guys like it!

Mamas and mamas-to-be: tell me about your pregnancy experience! Misery loves company.

Cassie is the founder and CEO of Wholefully. She's a home cook and wellness junkie with a love of all things healthy living. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens.

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  1. Mel

    Hi there and congratulations! I stumbled upon your great blog a while back via your salads in jars and awesome food prep posts. Stuff that I should be doing but not because like you am pregnant, still feeling sick and not enjoying food too much. I’m 26 weeks and still have all day sickness – I don’t puke but relentless nausea and reflux. Probably not what you want to hear but it seems for some lucky ladies its not just a 1st trimester thing.. Actually I’m sick to death of people saying I should be fine by now! I do keep reminding myself that though I’m not really enjoying this part of the journey, I am very fortunate that bubs and I are both healthy and complication free and the end result will be worth it! I was pretty concerned about my diet, that I was not getting enough nutrition (I eat well but the aversions and lack if interest in food etc. actually i am a chef and the smells and constant food handling has been a nightmare for me)lbut have relaxed with this and really encourage you to embrace whatever food you can handle at the time. The baby will get what it needs, just remember to take care of yourself too. I’ve totally been off my greens too! Anyway this is an epic comment, congrats, and make use of the support of your hubby and family.

  2. I hate to suck any hope of feeling better from you by sharing my story, lol. I had morning sickness with both boys until I gave birth. The day after giving birth I ate so much, haha! It eased up a lot in the third trimester, but I was sick every day. I learned to eat foods that I could easily tolerate revisiting. I also lost 30lbs with both pregnancies.

    I think your middle road plan is perfect. I have found that people get most upset with pregnancy and labour/delivery when they have a plan and that plan doesn’t work out. I always said I wanted to try for a natural birh, but was okay if it didn’t work out. I was happy with both labour experiences. The best part for anyone is when the baby is out and they see him or her for the first time, anyway. How you get there is less important.

    And yay for not reading pregnancy books! I have a bunch I didn’t read, haha. If you are looking to read some good parenting books, I can recommend a few. Though to be honest, the ones I read we’re mainly geared toward raising toddlers. Having babies isn’t super easy, but toddlers are just downright confusing.

    All the best! I really hope you get a break from the yucky symptoms soon. Have you felt baby move yet?

  3. Kay

    Hi. I just found your blog. I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant but haven’t had many symptoms yet. I’ve decided to not worry and just be thankful that I feel good and haven’t had any aversions to food (yet). I hope your morning sickness subsides soon! It sounds awful. I look forward to hearing about your experience!

  4. Jen C.

    Thank you so much for this awesome post. I must say, I am so sorry to hear you’re having all these nasty pregnancy symptoms, but the positivity that you carry along with those symptoms is amazing! I hesitate to say I was one of the women that flew through pregnancy. The only major problem I had were headaches/migraines in the middle of the pregnancy. Moderate exercise really helped me physically and mentally. I got nervous toward the end about the whole delivery process, but it ended up going just as smoothly as everything else. I wish you absolutely nothing but the best in these coming months. You and Craig are going to be amazing parents and I love that you’re sharing your journey with us!

  5. Jixi

    Congratulations! I am so so so so happy for you guys- you’re going to make amazing parents!

    I hate pregnancy, too. I hated it all while being pregnant with my daughter, and now I’m pregnant again, and I still hate it. I’ve had two miscarriages and difficulty conceiving a second child, all I’ve dreamed about for the past 18 months is getting pregnant and staying that way- and I still really REALLY hate pregnancy. It’s okay to hate it. 🙂

    Your bump is adorable! I’m a bigger girl, with a long torso and my skinniest part is my waist/middle, so sadly, I was one of those people who never looked pregnant, just looked fatter. I’m so jealous of your bump!

    Congratulations, again. You guys are going to do awesome!

  6. Lauren

    First of all, congratulations to you and your husband! I’m a long time follower and a new mom to a two month old baby boy. My husband and I tried for two years before we got pregnant (PCOS, hormone imbalances) and were super excited to see that second blue line…though it came at a totally unexpected time. Like you, the nausea started for me at four weeks. Despite my over-arching excitement, the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy were pure hell. I was so thankful to be pregnant but absolutely miserable the entire time. Everyone had their own advice… none of it worked. Eventually the “morning” sickness decreased, only to be replaced with other uncomfortable symptoms. I, too, had only a few super giddy moments and more of a general feeling of contentment and the shy smile sort of happiness…and that was enough. My advice is to live by the mantra “This too shall pass,” and focus on the good moments. I know everyone says it, but it’s true…the moment you meet your little one you forget everything you went through during pregnancy.

  7. mary

    I’m also pregnant, and growing amused at the number of bloggers I follow who are also expecting. It’s like an epidemic!

    I’ve been fortunate that I never really got any morning sickness, but that doesn’t mean that my pregnancy had been smooth sailing. I am 21 weeks now. In the first trimester, I had major fatigue. That’s fine, but now I’ve got heartburn if I lay down too much, and hemorrhoids that make me not want to sit up. In also experiencing a lot of pelvic pain in my joints (possibly early onset of pubic symphysis dysfunction), which is making it difficult for me to work on some of our home renovations.

    Best wishes for your pregnancy!

  8. Best. Post. EVER! My kids thought your pictures were so funny. They don’t see many people with blue hair and silly faces who are pregnant. They like you. My 4 year old things you are having a boy, the rest of us think it’s a girl. Keep the updates coming because I’m so excited about this 🙂 Congrats again.

  9. Congratulations! I didn’t enjoy pregnancy either, and I wasn’t nearly as sick as you. I feel for you. 🙁 I hope your symptoms ease up soon. I love your moderate approach to your birth plan–mine was very similar. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  10. I am so so so happy for you and yours! Also, here is the best advice I can give new parents (I have three little ones of my own):
    -People with general common sense and a good work ethic (i.e. YOU GUYS!) don’t have as much trouble adjusting. Don’t listen to what other people say and enjoy it.
    -There is always an exception to the rule. I was the exception to EVERY rule. Just keep doing what you are doing and smile and nod when women tell you about what WILL happen. No one really knows except God. And you can handle anything for 9 months. Your whole ‘this is a good thing’ while puking is a great attitude to have. Keep it up.
    -Always go with your gut and trust you and your husband. No one know YOU better than YOU. Not your doc, not your friends, no one. Trust that. ESPECIALLY after the little bit is born.
    -Don’t listen to anyone, me included. Hehe! Just do your thang. 🙂 That will always be the BEST plan.
    Congrats again!

  11. Big congrats to you! I love your bump pictures…. they are too cute. I also think the way that y’all told each family member was really special, especially those ornaments. Here’s to feeling better very soon and to an amazing 2014 that I know you will have!

  12. Also, my pregnancies were terrible and NO ONE wants to hear about them-it would scare anyone away from having kids. But I have three beautiful kiddos who are perfect. That is what matters and I would do it all over again with no hesitation!!

    Besides. How can your little one help but be gorgeous? With parents like you and Craig, just keep thinking about the cheeks you get to smooch on in just a few short months!!!

  13. Dani

    Oh man, I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so rough! I had similar issues with my pregnancies and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I do hope you’ll see a break through at some point, though! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  14. Athena R

    Congratulations again on your pregnancy! I just had my first and only baby about 4 1/2 months ago at the age of 40 (yikes). I only got sick two times during the entire pregnancy, but I had blood pressure issues pretty much throughout the pregnancy..i.e. had to take 12 pills/day to keep it controlled. Though my pregnancy was pretty easy, minus the blood pressure, I hated evetything about being pregnant…aches, pains, no control of my body, people asking me all the time how I was feeling,etc. My pregnancy was a total surprise. Neither of us thought we could have kids, so we weren’t doing anything to keep from being pregnant but after 8 years we were blessed with pregnancy.
    -I gained about 28 lbs throughout the entire pregnancy, which was more than I wanted to gain, but I stopped focusing on the weight and just made sure I noursihed my body to produce a healthy baby.
    -I found a great low-impact prenatal workout series on youtube that helped me stay active throughout my pregnancy. Here is the link if you’re interested in checking them out-
    -We only attended 2 baby classes. One was a safe sleep class and the other was Baby Care/PostPartum care. Everything else I figured I’d learn from trial and error. Plus, I have 7 nieces and nephews so I had some practice with babies.
    -I did not make a birth plan other than having a healthy baby. I ended up having a c-section at 39 weeks because of my blood pressure. Everything went great, and now, I have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. He is the greatest gift we never knew we wanted, and we would not trade anything in the world for this feeling.
    Here’s to feeling better and continuing to grow a healthy peanut!

  15. Rashada

    First off, I loooove your hair.

    Secondly, I am so sorry to hear you’re having a rough pregnancy. I’ve been there and done that. As in, I’m lucky I have an amazing boss at my part time job because there was a period of 6 months I couldn’t go anywhere because I didn’t feel safe trying to drive due to the morning sickness. My girls (who I was really sick with as well) knew to make sure mommy had her bucket with her at all times because I wouldn’t be able to make it to a bathroom.
    Thankfully, one day it just went away. I am really hoping this will be the case for you.

    I also had the ginormous about to pop baby belly from about 4 months on. It was kinda nice for the same reasons you said.

    In general, I think I really felt good while pregnant for about a month and otherwise had feel good moments. I was so ready to be done being pregnant each time. That said, my third child in 8 months old, and every few days I have a few moments of mourning that I won’t be pregnant again and get to experience the miracle of growing a human being inside me.

    Thirdly (and maybe lastly?). I think you and Craig will be amazing parents. For starters, you love each other very much, you have a very healthy outlook at life that will be passed on, your kids will have amazing life experiences while growing up on the Broken Plow, and you guys have an amazing family to help you give your peanut so much love.

    The pregnancy and its miseries will end and I cannot wait to see first photos of your newly expanded family.

  16. Courtney

    Congratulations!! I’m a long time reader and I’m also expecting my first baby (with a husband named Craig, ha!) I’m a bit behind you, only 6.5 weeks over here, but I can’t wait to follow your journey and keep up with your updates. Congrats again!!

  17. LeesaB

    Ugh, I hated being pregnant. I was definitely in the pregnancy-does-not-feel-good-to-me camp. My main problem, though, was that I couldn’t STOP eating. I gained 40 pounds while pregnant. I ate so much mexican food that I’m surprised my kid didn’t come out with maracas and a sombrero. But, I craved spicy food, and since I was in New Mexico at the time, that’s what there was to eat.

    Get a pillow to sleep with between your legs, if you haven’t yet. It helps.

  18. Noel

    Congrats again! At the time of my pregnancy with Emily(5) I thought it was miserable! She came at 35 weeks due to my high blood pressure. She was breach and there wasn’t enough amniotic fluid to attempt to turn her so she was a c-section. We had 3 miscarriages before we had another pregnancy that stuck. Jennie’s(4 months) pregnancy made Emily’s look like a walk in the park. Sick all the time, tired all the time, and just over all miserable. The worst was working an outdoor Bluegrass Festival for 3 day in July when I was a little over 7 months pregnant. I also started having blood pressure issues and Jennie came 2 weeks early and was also a c-section. The husband would have more but this body is done. I’m all for adopting more. I do hope things turn around for you soon and you feel better. Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

  19. I am so excited for you Cassie. I too was sick the entire time both pregnancies, but I have 2 healthy boys that were so worth it! My doctor told me to eat when I ever I could keep something down and to eat what ever I could keep down…with my 1st that ended up being fried pickles and Dr.Pepper (before my healthier days) and with my recent pregnancy it was water and peanut butter crackers. I still haven’t eaten them since he has been born and he turns 6 months tomorrow! I can’t wait to find out what you are having. Take some time and take care of yourself. Congratulations Johnstons!

  20. Suzanne

    Congratulations Cassie! I am so excited for you and Craig! You guys are going to be amazing parents!I hope your symptoms subside, they sound miserable. My husband and I are hoping to start a family in the near future once I am done with school so it is really neat to hear someone else’s thoughts and experiences, especially someone who is of the same age and has similar life philosophies as I do. Thanks sharing! Love your hair and your pregnancy pics btw. You look great. 🙂

  21. So happy for you, but so bummed you’ve been feeling so terrible! Not to give you false hope, but I felt pretty rough this time until 18 weeks. Now I’m (almost) 22 and feel so much better! Sending healing vibes your way- I know it’s so tough!

    Congratulations though 🙂

  22. Steph

    I feel like such a creeper, but I literally got goosebumps when I saw your announcement on Facebook. I just think you are so incredibly awesome and Craig seems to be as well and I know you guys have such a happy little love story and now a baby just makes it even sweeter. I am so happy for you guys!

    My pregnancy with Charlee was pretty easy – early on I had some minor food aversions and a little nausea and major (MAJOR) heartburn at the end (even TUMS gave me heartburn) but aside from that it was pretty chill. Once she was born I was a total spaz. I worried and fretted over every little thing. I was overprotective and paranoid and I drove myself (and those closest to me) crazy that first year. It was really, really hard. I loved her so much though and I was so afraid that something was going to happen to her that I just spiraled. In retrospect, I think it’s pretty obvious that I had a touch of postpartum depression. By her first birthday I was much, much better!

    My pregnancy with Mac was so much harder!! With Charlee my first symptoms were emotional – with Mac they were totally physical. Sore boobs, major nausea and food aversions (I still shudder when I hear the word gnocchi), insomnia, headaches,acne, and on and on! I took a B6/Unisom combination for nausea for the first half of my pregnancy. I was *so* exhausted but had a 2.5 year old who wanted to go go go! I was so thankful for her afternoon nap! From about 25 weeks on I had Pelvic Girdle Pain which was absolutely debilitating. I am so thankful that it cleared up immediately after giving birth. Once Mac was born I could instantly tell a difference in my emotional recovery and knew that I was not going to struggle the way I had with Charlee.

    I will say, my favorite part of pregnancy was feeling them move. I had VERY active babies and have video of both of them doing huge twists and turns that you could see from the outside. Every little pop, tickle, wiggle and kick felt so amazing and made the hard stuff seem a little more bearable. We don’t plan on having any more kids, and knowing that I’ll never feel those movements again is one of the only things about it that makes me sad.

  23. I’m so glad you’ve decided to share you’re journey. My husband and I are planning on starting to “organically try” this year, so reading this is very interested to me since I’m trying to get mentally prepared! You’ve always been a great role model to go to as far as living in moderation and I will definitely use this as inspiration when it’s time for me to have a baby!

  24. Jessica

    A few things:
    You are probably the cutest pregnant chick I’ve seen. Holy cow, you’re adorable. And secondly, I really want to thank you for your sensitivity in the way you talk about your pregnancy. It’s not something you have to do, but as someone that had a very difficult time conceiving, it was nice to see you mention you think of us in your update. It took me almost two years to get pregnant. I had a miserable pregnancy and felt horribly guilty that I wasn’t enjoying it when I all I wanted was to be pregnant. I’m happy that I now have a 9 week old son. I’m so so happy for you and Craig. You have no clue who I am but I’ve been foowing all the blogs and have really become smitten with the two of you. So thank you for sharing your life with us. I wish you the absolute very best and my money is on a girl. Even though you guys think boy.

  25. Huge Congrats! I’ve got 3 and a bit month old twins and can’t say I loved pregnancy either! Some women totally glow… I just sweat.

    Encouragement? The morning sickness DOES go away! Although I didn’t get a burst of energy, it was nice to be able to eat again 🙂

    AND it’s so totally worth it. I’d do it again for those beautiful babes.

  26. Eeeee! Congrats!!!! I feel ya on the preggo symptom stockpile – I had em all! Especially the slckness – I wound up with hyperemesis gravidarum so it carried on onto the delivery room even BUT it was a perk knowing as long as I was sicky the baby was a-ok! And she came out super healthy! So happy for your growing family!!!!

  27. Sarah


    Like someone above, I hesitate to say that pregnancy was awesome for me, but it was. Other than being more tired than normal, I had a few weeks of nothing sounding good for dinner, and that was it. While I wouldn’t trade that for anything, I got a lot of “lucky bitch” when people would ask how I felt and I said that I felt fine. It was hard in its own way. I loved being pregnant and while we’re not going to have any more kids, I would do it a thousand more times. Feeling the kicks and movement all day long was awesome. That said, I really hope you feel better soon!

    J was breech until 39 weeks (I had ultrasounds a lot in my last trimester). Four days before my scheduled c-section, I had one last ultrasound and found that she’d turned around on her own. Hooray! I went to work every day until 40 weeks, 4 days. That weekend was a 3 day weekend and that’s when she was born (on her own). She has been the most amazing little person and I love being her mom.

    Congrats again!

  28. Pam

    Congratulations, Cassie and Craig! I am really thrilled for you–though not so sure now that I would recommend any outdoor hockey games unless you start feeling a lot better! From the perspective of a childless reader, I also want to let you know that these insights into your pregnancy experience are really fascinating! Best wishes for a healthy delivery. I am confident that y’all are going to be terrific parents.

  29. Anna

    First things, congratulations! You look wonderful, despite all the ickiness. I have a 7 month old (yay June babies!) and I hated pregnancy too, even though it was surprisingly not that bad symptom-wise for me. I didn’t have much morning sickness or tiredness, except a little queasiness, and most of it passed by 20 weeks, but I didn’t really want to eat much throughout my entire pregnancy. I’m a big girl too so the docs were never worried about my lack of weight gain. The best advice I got was do what feels comfortable, eat what you can manage to eat, and hang in there.

    The one biggest thing I learned through my experience is that it’s best to do as little planning for the birth itself as possible because it’s really not in your hands. I’ve had a lot of friends who planned natural births, etc., and ended up with emergency c-sections, and they’re still struggling mentally as a result. I said early on that baby will do what baby will do. She decided to show up 4 weeks before her due date, and my labor didn’t progress for 12+ hours so I had to have a c-section, and it was all fine. She’s a happy, healthy, bouncy 7 month old, and everyone’s doing great.

    Congratulations again, I hope you feel better soon!

  30. Congratulations! Having children is such an amazing and life changing experience- they are truly such precious little things. I just had my 4th child 4 months ago and while my first three pregnancies were hard my 4th was by far the worst one. I was taking diclectin and zofran and still threw up until I gave birth (12 days past due). I have had 4 very different birth experiences and I have found that being education is absolutely the best thing you can do to prepare. Read, read , read! Read about different pain coping techniques, different induction methods, different types of IV’s, how much blood loss it normal etc, what to expect the first few days after giving birth and breastfeeding (Even with my 4th child I struggled with this!) etc. Feel free to email me if you want some book suggestions. There are many natural teas, and homeopathic mixes you can take prior to birth and afterwards as well as conventional medicines. You can read my birth stories here if you’re interested: I also have lots of pregnancy, birth and post birth info and experiences on my websites. Good luck to you! I hope that you start feeling better soon.

  31. Julie

    Congratulations! My husband and I are expecting our first baby in June, too! I’m due June 17, and we also find out at the end of the month the gender of our baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I expected I’d be one of the unlucky ones with severe morning sickness since I already am prone to motion sickness. However, I was “blessed” with a solid five weeks in a constant state of nausea with no end result. My midwife pointed out it was almost worse than throwing up all the time, just because I never had that feeling of relief! It was hard to find anything edible and I lost weight during the first trimester as a result. Luckily I bounced back pretty hard in the appetite department once that sickness period was over, and I’ve had a normal appetite. The only trouble now is I still have aversions to food – especially anything that I clung to during the first five weeks.

    Have you been having any trouble with feeling like you can cook? As part of my food aversions, I’m still having trouble with the thought of cooking. When I’m at work sitting at my desk with no food around me, I can dream all day long about all the delicious foods I’d love to eat. However, come time for me to actually DO anything to cook (look in the refrigerator, browse for recipes online, go to the grocery store) it all grosses me out and I can’t think about cooking anything. And so we get takeout. A lot, right now. So frustrating!

    Other than some trouble eating, I’ve really only been dealing with fatigue, fortunately. However, that also means I have had zero motivation to exercise, aside from finding excuses to go on errands to walk.

    So you said you are focusing more on books about being a parent rather than those about pregnancy, which is something I’ve found myself doing as well. Have you come across any books so far that you’ve found particularly helpful?

  32. I too love your hair! I was just thinking of dyeing it the other day, now I think I really need to do it.

    I hope your morning sickness goes away soon! Although, I’ve had a friend and known others who have had it the entire pregnancy. Sorry!

    I love the middle of the road plan for labor and birth. It’s what I did and it worked quite well for me. 🙂

    Good luck and my this pregnancy continue to be great!

  33. SB

    Congrats Cassie! I am a few weeks behind you at almost 14 weeks. I am glad I can follow you and see what’s in store for me. The other comments have been helpful too. Thank you for giving us a place to talk.
    My nausea has been terrible since week 5. I threw up so much that my husband would ask if I was eating when he wasn’t around, because according to him what went in was far less than what came out. I haven’t thrown up in 5 days now and it feels like a record! I am hoping this streak continues.
    I’ve also been blessed with horrible cold and cough since week 5. The muscles that engage during coughing and during throwing up are the same. Do you know how I found that out? I pulled that dang muscle under my ribs and it hurts like hell! I have to double over to minimize pain, whenever I have the urge to cough. Another charming side effect of cough is that even if I am not nauseous, coughing too much makes me throw up. I finally got some antibiotics for the cough this week. So it has been under control. But I have other side effects from the antibiotics, like diarrhea. Can’t catch a break!
    Sorry, this comment got so long 🙁 I haven’t told anyone yet, so it’s all bottled inside me.
    Good luck to you. I look forward to reading more posts on this topic.

  34. Jen in SC

    Awwww congrats!!! I’ve been reading your blog for at least several years and I am a huge fan (and advocate) of your middle-ground approach to most everything. It resonates deeply and I appreciate it so much.

    Anyway, creepy as this may sound – I have been “waiting” for this announcement from you, knowing you are about 5 years younger than I and that you’ve said in the past you probably want a kid or two someday.

    I am very very excited for you! Damn straight it changes most everything. Mostly in a good way 😉

    I’m a mama of two (both girls, ages 4.5 and 1.5) and decidedly DONE with the babies. If I can ever be of help I’d be honored and happy to offer info or advice. 🙂 Wishing you & your little fam all the best!!

  35. Jen in SC

    Oh, I had meant to add:
    1) LOVE your bump pics. Totally rad. Rock it!!
    2) I am really sorry you’ve having such an uncomfortable and un-fun pregnancy. It is totally okay to be both very grateful and hate the *experience* of pregnancy, all at the same time 🙂
    3) Parenting-materials-wise: best thing around, hands-down, in my book? Love & Logic. Awesome stuff. I highly recommend it.

  36. Amanda

    I’m so excited for you! I’ve been a reader of your blog for a few years, though I think I’ve maybe commented once? And due to lots of stuff going on lately, I’ve been putting all of my blog reading on hold for a few months. So I finally started going back to my favorites (of which yours is one) and the first post I started with was the one where you announced the pregnancy with the picture and I was (am) so excited for you two! Congratulations and I wish you the absolute best!!!!

  37. Rashada

    I am thinking about putting some fun colors in my hair again. What brand dye do you use? I’m loving the one you’re rocking right now

  38. Lauren Y.

    Oh, I feel for you and am excited for you at the same time!! As you know, how long the morning sickness lasts( btw why do they call it “morning” sickness when it lasts all day??) is different for all women. With my 3 I was sick from about 8 weeks to 17-18 weeks. I thought it would NEVER go away but with all of them it did. Hopefully you’ll feel some relief VERY soon!! I tried all the usual home remedies but the only thing that helped was time. Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for you!

  39. Ahh! congrats! I’m so behind on my blog reading that I just saw this today. So exciting! I’m 11 weeks with baby #2 so I’m looking forward to following your journey!

  40. LOVE those pics of you! Enjoy the ride- even though it’s not quite so pleasant yet. It goes so fast. My daughter, Kaydin, just turned seven on Sunday. What I wouldnt give to have her cuddled in my arms again.

    I am a salad and sandwich lover but when I was pregnant I couldnt even think of them. Sad 🙁 lol

  41. Martha

    Congratulations! My husband and I found out the week before Christmas that we were expecting our first. I had my first ultrasound today which made it totally real. Wishing you the healthiest of pregnancies!

  42. Jared

    Congratulations to both you and Craig! Being a parent is one of the best things in life and you two will make wonderful parents. Our little guy is 13 months old (almost 14) already and life is just that much better! It’s an absolute amazing journey in life, both ups and downs, but the ups outweigh the downs by so much!

  43. Michelle T

    I forgot to send this earlier. You asked about birth experiences and mine were as different as night and day. One 30 week preemie c-section, one 40 and 4 all natural birth center. I say only this, watch The Business of Being Born on Netflix, read these, and get as much information as you can to make the best choice for you and your baby. Birth is life-changing. Making informed choices, whatever they are, is so important. It will change how you see yourself as a woman in the most profound of ways. Your body is so amazing. Congratulations!

  44. Letha

    Hello, have you had your baby yet? I havent seen any new wellness calendars and I just wondered. Thank you. Letha

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