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Give your loved ones the gift of a healthier life and happier planet with our list of personally-tested sustainable gifts. We have a gift idea for everyone!

When it comes to saving our planet, every little decision we make in a day can add up to make a big impact—and that includes our gift giving. But going green doesn’t mean you have to abandon all your traditions. We can choose sustainable gifts that are thoughtful, beautiful, and keep our planet in mind.

Our list of dozens of sustainable gifts will help make your gift shopping easy this year. Let’s start shopping!

What is a sustainable gift?

There are two ways to think of a gift as being sustainable:

  • A gift that helps someone go greener. Think: reusable grocery bags, a pretty water bottle, stainless steel straws.
  • A gift that is produced sustainably. Items that are from companies who pride themselves on planet stewardship, or, even better, items that you create yourself!

Our list focuses mostly on the first type of sustainable gift, but you’ll find some options for both below!

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But wait, isn’t buying people more stuff anti-sustainability?

Over consumption is a major contributing factor to our overwhelmed planet—and giving folks tchotchkes they’ll never use for a Christmas gift is the antithesis of sustainability. Let’s not do that, k?

But we don’t think just because you are aware of your consumption that you need to give up giving holiday gifts to your loved ones. Instead, we recommend choosing thoughtful gifts (like the ones listed here) that will be used, loved, and cherished.

Other great options include gifting food gifts that create low to zero waste once they are enjoyed, giving handmade gifts that are made with love, gifting experiences (like a membership to the botanical gardens), gifting items from small, local artisans, gifting vintage or secondhand treasures (previously-loved books are always a win under the Christmas tree), or giving a donation in someone’s name to a charity they care about. Or you can do a combination of some or all of the above! Living a sustainable life doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

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What makes our 2023 list of sustainable gifts the best ever?

We have personally tried the items in this gift guide! We here at Wholefully bought these items, tried them in our own homes, and are pumped to recommend them. We don’t accept freebies for our gift guides, either, so you better believe that we really do love everything on this list!

In our gift guide, you’ll find items from both big box stores and small businesses. We also included many options from diverse companies, including LGBTQ+-owned businesses, woman-owned businesses, and BIPOC-owned businesses. Happy shopping!

Note: Many of the links in this list are affiliate links. If you purchase through our link, we get a small kickback for referring you—at no cost to you.

Creative Sustainable Gifts Ideas for 2022

Give your loved ones the gift of a healthier life and happier planet with our list of personally-tested sustainable gifts. We have a gift idea for everyone!

Sustainable Kitchen Gifts

Sustainable Reading

Sustainable Beauty Gifts

Sustainable Apparel

Sustainable Home Gifts

We hope you’ve found just the right sustainable gifts for everyone on your list! Happy shopping!

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