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I hope you all had just the most excellent of long weekends. If you can believe it, the end of August marked the end of the Super Summer challenge! We’ve been working hard for months now, and it’s time to wrap-up, reflect and celebrate!

I have to admit, I started off Super Summer very, very strong, but as the summer got crazier for me with my cookbook, my motivation to keep logging points dwindled. But even though I stopped keeping track of the points, I kept up with many of the habits I established during the first half of the challenge. And having that foundation went a long way to make sure I stayed healthy during this crazy marathon of a summer.

Regardless of if you faltered or succeeded during the challenge, there are definitely things to learn. Don’t just file your Super Summer printouts in the trash can and forget it ever happened. It’s time to reflect and adapt. And Coach Krissie is ready to show you guys how she’s going to do that now that the #SSChallenge is over.

Take it away, Krissie!


I know this is something we say all of the time, but where did the summer go? Is it already time to wrap up the Super Summer Challenge?

One of the biggest things that I encourage my clients to do is to treat everything we do as an experiment. Do the best you can. Then we’ll talk about it and tweak it until it fits just right. Any movement toward meeting our goals is something worth examining. If we don’t look at what worked and what didn’t, then we won’t know what to continue and what to let go of in the long run.

Because my experience is what I know most about (and because I won’t divulge any of your info), I’m gonna talk about my Super Summer experience.

I had a really rocky road with the challenge. I started off June with a bang. I was rolling. I finished June at a point where I was going to crush the rest of the challenge.

Life got wicked crazy in July so I kinda dropped the ball. I think this had something to do with just how strong of a showing June was. I gave myself an inch, and I took a mile. I didn’t log a single point between July 4 and August 1.

But I found my second wind in August, and I managed to wrap up my Mind Points about two weeks ago and my tally on Sunday evening allowed me to fill up my Body Points thermometer right up to the top. I made a really strong showing in the end. I honestly didn’t know if it was possible, but I made it!

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I feel like this challenge has taught me a lot about myself and how I respond to challenges. I think these things will help me shape goals for myself in the future. This was a good experiment for me. Here’s what I learned:

  • I do better with shorter-term, more difficult challenges. I know this doesn’t jive with my marathon training and the 18-week training schedule. But I think when it comes to behaviors and goals, I think the more difficult, the better. The harder it is, the harder I work. And I just hope to even out somewhere in between difficult and not doing anything. I think when I work really hard and complete something, my behavior pendulum just ends up somewhere back in the middle, which is a healthy place.
  • I want all of the fun choices, but I focus best with simplicity. I love the thought of a ton of choices and getting to experiment with different behaviors. But I found that the more choices I had, the more opportunities I had to avoid what I really need to do and still find a way to earn points. One of my huge, important goals is budgeting, and I never even opened my budgeting program. I could make the bed, clean the kitchen, do three sun salutations and make up the budgeting points. That was just avoidance. And I feel like that really taints my success.
  • I like goals that I do every day. I love the momentum from following a training plan, logging my food every day, making the bed. I can be easily distracted.
  • Rewards aren’t as important to me as I thought. I only bought half of my mid-point reward. And I don’t know how I’ll handle my big reward since we have a busy (and expensive) fall running season. I think I will be on the lookout for something that strikes my fancy, but right now a solo weekend away seems really extravagant and not at all in line with my goals. And a new Garmin isn’t that important because mine is still working and I’ll buy a new one when it breaks down (almost four years and still kicking!).

So what am I personally doing now that Super Summer is over? I’m going old school. I’ve got four categories and I’m going to have a goal for each one that I do daily.

  • Self-Care (improving my body and mind): I will be in bed by 10pm. (Or, on Saturday nights, allow 8 hours of sleep as a Plan B.) I will make sleep a priority.
  • Health (effort toward being more healthy): I will keep a photo food journal every day. I know that all it takes for me to stay focused is to stay attentive. And I am choosing to promote awareness through the camera on my phone.
  • Space (creating an environment that is more in line with my desires): I will have laundry caught up before I turn on the television. No clean clothes in the laundry room floor or at the foot of my bed. Amen. (This is gonna be hard for me.)
  • Stretching (challenging myself in a way that feels blissfully uncomfortable): I will find an opportunity each day to recognize when what I am doing feels incompatible with my wants and change my behavior to be more authentic – without apology. I’m hoping to boil this down to a more concrete behavior, but this is my thinking.

Also, for the last time during the Super Summer Challenge, I am offering 5 complimentary Contentment-Building Discovery Sessions for Wholefully readers. We can jam about challenges and goals you have for making health or self-care changes. We’ll brainstorm a few specific behaviors to get you there. And you will get an idea what it would be like to work with me. The application will be open until Friday!

So, tell us about your  Super Summer. Did you hit your goals? Even if you didn’t, what did you learn about yourself?

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