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Printable Burlap Fall Bunting

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Free Printable Fall Burlap Bunting Banner

Fall Bunting on Fireplace Mantel

There are a lot of annoying things about being a homeowner. Like, say, having to shell out the cash to replace your washing machine when it craps out (pun intended) in the middle of washing a load of cloth diapers. Or when you get a knock on your door at 8am from the water meter reader so he can tell you than you have a pipe leaking .

Those are just examples. It’s not like both of those things happened to us last week or anything…

But even though there are some hiccups to overcome, I absolutely love owning my own house. I rented for years, and it was the right choice for us at the time, but being a homeowner rocks. It’s so much more than picking paint colors and being able to put holes in the walls (although those are both nice). Homeownership somehow makes home feel so much more homey. I was comfortable in my rentals, but it was always in the back of my mind that it wasn’t entirely mine. Now, this place feels 100% mine (well, mine and the bank’s). Part of it feeling so much like home is getting so much joy out of decorating it for seasons and holidays. Sure, we put up a Christmas tree and some decorations in our apartment, but we have so much more fun with seasonal decor in our house!

Fall Bunting on Fireplace Mantel

Decorating for fall is a bit tricky in our house, because when it comes to the fall holidays, we celebrate Halloween and bookend it with two different Thanksgiving celebrations (Canadian Thanksgiving in mid-October and American Thanksgiving in late-November). So that means we usually skip the spooky decor, and instead go for a general fall/harvest theme to our decor. That means lots of pumpkins and gourds—all from our garden—plus this fun printable fall bunting for our mantel.

Fall Bunting on Fireplace Mantel

I tend to whip up a different banner each year, and sure, I could sew something more permanent, but I like using printable banners. I think they still look nice, but give me lots of flexibility to switch them out from year to year. They’re super easy to put together. Just print the PDF on thick cardstock, and then cut them out.

Fall Bunting Printable

And then fold on the dotted line, fold it over a piece of string or twine, and then tape it down. Easy peasy!

Fall Bunting Printable

You can put the banner in one line, like I did, or string it onto to separate pieces of string and stack it if you have a narrower space you want to fill.



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