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Household Winterizing Checklist

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Free Printable Winterizing Checklist

Winterizing Checklist

I posted a pumpkin recipe yesterday, and today, I’m talking household winterizing! I swear I’m not campaigning against summer, it’s just that when you live on as much land as we do, getting things prepped for Old Man Winter’s visit takes a lot more than just a few hours on a weekend. In fact, we have so much stuff to tackle during Fall around here that I started working on a winterizing checklist during our first year in the house. It can be so easy to forget things when you only do them once a year!

Caulk Gun

We started working on our list this past weekend, and our goal is to try to get everything on the checklist done by the first of November. Usually, we don’t get our first big snowfall until December or January, but there has been the rare time that we’ve seen winter show up much sooner (like that time when I went trick-or-treating in the snow as a kid). Winterizing the place isn’t my favorite chore—it’s like a big, sad good-bye to nice weather—but I do always feel better once it’s done. The preparedness nerd in me really likes being ready if that rogue October snow does show up.

Although, please, Mother Nature, don’t take that as an invitation to bring winter early, k? I’m still trying to recover from last winter.


While I know our list is a little more extensive that most people need, I thought it’d still be nice to offer the checklist for download. Just cross off the items that don’t apply to you, and add anything you might need to add. Happy winterizing!

Winterizing Checklist


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  1. I don’t have my own place so thankfully this list doesn’t apply to me yet. However I did go through my tshirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and pants, putting things away that I won’t wear in the fall/winter, or giving away what I never wore. Tonight I need to go through my shoes/sandals.

  2. Jools

    Thanks for sharing this list! I wondered if you might consider sharing your household chores list? I think you had shared the template but I’m always curious how other people manage the chore splitting and day-to-day household management.

  3. Kristin Q

    Thank you so much for sharing this list! I feel like last year my boyfriend and I were so unprepared for winter around our property and it left so much work to do come spring to get everything ready to go. This list is such a great place for us to start and we were planning on getting out this Sunday to get started so it comes at a perfect time. I love when you share homestead related posts 🙂

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