6 Homemade Soup Mixes in a Jar

Guys, I am so pumped for today’s post for two reasons—first up, I think these soup mixes are the *perfect* handmade gift for you to give to your loved ones. They are affordable to make (just a few bucks a pop), they are delicious, they are thoughtful, and my favorite part—they are consumable. You give the gift, the giftee uses it and appreciates it, and then it’s gone—no tchotchke sitting around waiting to be donated to the thrift store in a few months.

The second reason why this post makes me so happy—I’m thrilled to tell you about the Small Token Gift Registry. This is, quite possibly, the coolest idea I’ve heard of all year. The Small Token Gift Registry is a different kind of registry. Instead of registering for things, you register for charities and non-profits that mean something to you (check out my registry!). Then, when someone goes to give you a gift off your registry, they make a donation in your name to an organization that is important to you. How cool is that?

Reality check: this year in the United States alone, we will spend $465 BILLION (with a B!) on holiday gifts. Experts estimate it would only take $175 billion to completely eradicate poverty for a year. Can you imagine the good work we could do if we just spent half the amount we normally do this Christmas and donated the rest? That’s the premise Small Token was founded on. Your holiday gifts could do something really powerful this year, and Small Token wants to help you make that process easier.

The best part about this whole thing? It’s totally F-R-E-E free. Free to set up your registry. Free to the person donating (aside from their donation, obviously). And totally free for the charities and non-profits. Small Token doesn’t take a cut of the donations at all—everything except for the credit card fee is passed directly onto the non-profits on your registry. Amazing, right?

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