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Harvest Tally: February

Food Production Tally—February 2015

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Harvest Tally: February 2015

Those of you that have been around here a while know that my husband and I started a (now defunct) homesteading blog a few years back. We loved writing that blog, but keeping up with it just proved to be too much for us and our already packed schedules. So a lot of that content (gardening, DIY, homesteading, etc.) was rolled into the content here, and I love getting to share that part of my life with you guys!

One of the well-loved features on our old blog was a weekly running tally of the food we produced on our property. We weighed every tomato we picked from the garden and every mushroom we harvested from the woods. We even weighed the maple syrup we made that year! It was so fun seeing our total grow and grow. I’ve been wanting to bring it back here for a while, and since we are planning on going “big” with our food production this year, I figured now was a great time. I only plan on updating the tally every month—I have no interest in overwhelming you with the ounce of sprouts we harvested here and the sprig of basil we picked there. A month is a good chunk of time to really see what we’re doing (especially in the summer). So let’s see how February went.

This Month’s Harvest

This list will be insanely long by the time by summer rolls around, but being as it’s the middle of winter and we have snow on the ground, our harvests are pretty limited right now. But we are still harvesting what we can grow indoors! We’ve been working hard to figure out ways to continue harvesting food throughout the cold months, and while we don’t quite have the cash to drop on a heated greenhouse to grow tomatoes all winter long, we have been able to grow a few produce items to supplement our regular grocery store trips. Here’s what we harvested this month:

New To The List


Total Harvested



Garden Notes

This is our first year growing mushrooms (we’re trying kits, and hope to expand to a larger production in future years), and it is so fun and easy! I love that we can grow them in the dead of winter. Our Button kit is producing really well, but our Shiitake isn’t performing so hot. It produced one big, beautiful mushroom, and then…nada.

New To The List


Total Harvested


Garden Notes

We’ve been looking for a way to grow greens indoors during winter months, and I think microgreens are it! We have them on flats under grow lights, and it’s going really well. In years past, we have spent so much money on greens in the winter (we just can’t live without our salads), and between microgreens and cold frames, I think we may have a system to help cut back on that out-of-season spending.

New To The List


Total Harvested

1lb 5oz

Garden Notes

We always have a jar of sprouts growing during the cold months! Sprouts are such an easy way to grow healthy food anywhere (literally, if you have a jar and a flat place to put it, you can grow sprouts!). We just ordered some new sprouting seeds (onion and alfalfa, oh my!), and I can’t wait to get those started.

The Totals:

Total Harvested This Month

2lb 5oz

Total Harvested in 2015

3lb 1oz

Anyone else growing anything indoors this winter? Who else is ready for spring?

Cassie is the founder and CEO of Wholefully. She's a home cook and wellness junkie with a love of all things healthy living. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens.

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10 Responses
  1. Julie Baker

    I love seeing these posts here! I highly enjoy all of your gardening posts and it makes me excited for Spring and Summer to get here. We live in Southern Illinois so we are still under the snow cover as well but looking forward to getting out there and get dirty 🙂 Can’t wait to see more about your garden and how it takes off!

  2. I’ll be looking forward to these posts every month. They’re so interesting and I’m always impressed by how organized you are and how beautifully you present things!! I feel a little like I’m vicariously gardening through you haha (apartment living, sigh). Way to go 🙂

  3. Karen

    So you grow your mushrooms indoors? I love mushrooms, but the quality at our local stores are often spotty. If I could grow them on my own, that would be something!

    1. Cassie

      Yup! You can order mushroom kits, which come with everything you need to grow a few batches. It isn’t super economical, but it’s a great way to trial growing mushrooms (and the quality rocks, and it’s FUN!).

  4. lauramich

    I have no intelligent comment on your harvest. I’m drooling at how beautifully you’ve presented it. Those boxes are so lovely that I must admit to feeling tremendous envy over your design skills. I know enough to recognize gorgeous design, not quite enough to execute it reliably. Love this!

  5. HeyBeckyJ

    I’m excited to see your harvest posts are back. Your homesteading blog was always so interesting, something I loved learning and thinking about, even if I don’t have the space or time to do it on that scale. But I do have my tiny garden, and these posts help motivate me to keep trying and growing.

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