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We preach meal prep here at Wholefully because it works. Meal prep is carving out a bit of time on the weekend (or whenever you have free time) and pre-making certain dishes and foods to help you cut back on cooking time when you’re busier later in the week. You’ll never stare at an empty fridge and wonder what to eat again!

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  • Meal Prep 101  →
    New to the world of meal prep? Check out this back-to-basics tutorial for our exact method for getting started.
  • Meal Prep Smoothies  →
    How to Meal Prep Smoothies
    Is it possible to meal prep smoothies? HECK YES, it is! Let us show you how.
  • Meal Prep Egg Cups  →
    Breakfast Egg Cups
    Meal prep isn't just for lunch and dinner! Get your breakfast ready in advance with these easy egg cups.
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