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Filling Up My Cup

Me Walking

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Cassie Johnston

Cassie is the founder and CEO of Wholefully. She's a home cook and wellness junkie with a love of all things healthy living. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens.

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  • Shawna SAYS

    I’m with you. Good plan!

  • Katie N. SAYS

    Hey, just wanted to let you know, I saw the picture of you at the beginning of the post and thought, “Man Cassie looks great! This is going to be a post about how she’s rocking her health!” :) You’re a strong woman and you’ll get back where you’d like to be.

  • Caitlyn SAYS

    I’ve started to meet my mom every other Wednesday for dinner and it has made such an impact on my happiness! We should find a way to incorporate exercise into our meet ups :)

  • So happy to see this post! Parenting is exhausting! My youngest is 2.5 and I’m just now getting back on track. I’m on day 27 of a whole 30 and that was the jump start I needed (could have not made it through with a child any younger!). I love the idea of filling your cup. I’ve already thought about taking some more “me moments” as part of my goal to get healthier, but in love the phrasing, now I’ll be trying to fill my cup everyday with sometime for reading or daydreaming in the hammock or a bit of hand stitching. Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway!

  • Leah J. SAYS

    I plan on filling my cup by taking 10 minutes as soon as I get home from work completely for myself, to decompress and prepare to greet my family. As much as it sounds like the ’50’s version of “give daddy some space when he gets home,” it is so hard to transition from my work to home that I can end up snippy at the moments when I’m needed the most. I’ve only just realized the importance of that transition time (to which the drive/bike ride home from work does not always accomplish).

  • Becky SAYS

    Turn off the TV and pick up a book.

  • Athena R SAYS

    This is such a great post. Since having my son two years ago, it has been a struggle to put myself first. Earlier this month, I started filling my cup by taking care of myself again. I’ve started eating better and working out at home or in my office during lunch break. So far, I’ve lost 8 lbs, and I feel great. I also started painting my nails again. I haven’t done that in probably 2 years or more. I plan to find more ways to fill my cup, but these are a start.

  • I am happy to see that you’re taking a very natural approach and focusing on health and well being. I’m a dietitian and I see all the time, when people want to better their health or change something they always go off the deep end with crazy unrealistic goals that just aren’t attainable. Good luck on your journey to health! :)
    P.S. It sounds like you’re taking a very intuitive approach to wellness. I would HIGHLY recommend the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole. Totally changed my whole way of thinking about health.

  • Oh and to fill my own cup, I plan on going to yoga more and focusing on stretching and just feeling my body move. I’d also like to get back into painting. :)

  • Fredda Owens SAYS

    I totally know what you mean about your cup being empty. I’ve started trying to add more color to my diet in the form of veggies and fruit. It’s a small step, but an important one.

  • GIRL!!!! I loved loved loved this post and I’m so glad JCP is helping you out with your goals. I kinda love that store. We are two peas in a mama/baby-loving pod except I’m Mormon and don’t get coffee or booze to help a girl out. My biggest issue is my sugar addiction. Holy Holidays it’s hard to give that stuff up though. I started lifting weights with a girlfriend 2 nights a week while leaving all 5 babies at home and it’s been wonderful. It’s healthy and girl therapy all at the same time. I need new work out clothes though because right now I’m just sweating it out in materinity clothes and I hate them. So my goal is to guy those things you posted!!! I think they’ll fit me too because out body types are pretty close and I’ve hard a hard time finding active wear for my bigger womany body. Keep up the great work friend, you are an inspriation!

  • I love the idea of adding cup-filling moments to the day! I plan to make a list of those and hang them somewhere – like my bedroom mirror and try to make sure to get at least 1 to 3 in every day.

  • Kim SAYS

    I’m going to spend some time each evening reading.

    Great post!

  • Elizabeth SAYS

    What a wonderful post! Your experience and plan of action echo the struggles and goals of many. To fill my cup this fall, I am going to make exercising outside a priority on weekends. As a current city-dweller, I cherish time in nature for the physical and emotional rejuvenation it brings me.

  • Kim SAYS

    I’ve put off a lot of things that make me happy to make other people happy. To fill up my cup, I want to write more for my blog and definitely more for myself. We’ve done so many exciting things this year and I don’t have a single place where I have written it all down.

  • Liz SAYS

    It’s like you’re reading my mind. I’ve been so out of it healthwise and can’t seem to get back on the wagon. Between school and work, I’ve just been slacking so much.

    I need to prioritize vegetables and exercise. Less candy, less Netflix, more veggies, more walking.

  • Shawna Greenway SAYS

    first and most important – put the cell phone down! It’s such an energy sucker. And my next big goal is to try to ride my bike 5 days a week. Thats’ a tough one since I work from home and by the time I get off I only have an hour to squeeze in me time before I have to pick up the kids from school and start taking them to various activities. But cycling is SO great for me – clears my head and allows me to live in the moment.

  • Maija SAYS

    I’m a yoga teacher and have recently noticed myself being drained by my students, friends and family. This is natural for people in “healing” professions like massage, yoga etc. And I knew it was going to happen if I didn’t set boundaries and create space for myself. Which apparently I haven’t been doing lately. So I’m focusing my effort in the next few months on creating space for myself. Setting boundaries for myself and my energy, and always making sure to set aside a part of my heart and spirit that nobody else can access. I still have so much love to give to those around me, but will be conscious about always saving enough for myself too.
    Thank you, as always, for sharing, Cassie!

  • Jessica SAYS

    As the first time mom of a newborn, I’ll be focusing on sleep and nutrition to keep my cup filled. I’m going to bed early with the little one and eating as healthy as I can

  • Kim SAYS

    I love the cup analogy, and so appreciate your honesty, as it is easy for us outside looking into your life through your blog to assume that you have the perfect life and none of the same struggles we are all going through! This resonates with me, as I attempt to manage home, work and one year old twin boys AND figure out how to do a few things for myself consistently. I need to up my health game and winter is the best time to do it, before I am chasing toddlers outside in the spring!

  • Elizabeth SAYS

    Thanks for the wonderful post! Actually, I’ve been feeling better by turning off my phone and playing with my toddler more! I only see her mornings/evenings and weekends, so soaking up all the sweet giggles and chatter really makes me feel better!

  • Amy Usher SAYS

    seriously amazing post. I have struggled with balancing life with a newborn and taking care of myself. starting this week, my mother in law is coming to babysit so I can have some “me time”. I’ve already planned a haircut and a massage!

  • Amy SAYS

    I’ve started walking in the morning – this way I get in some exercise before my day gets crazy.

  • Natalie S SAYS

    I will turn to meditation, journal, prayer, and walks outside instead of food when I am stressed or feeling negative emotions

  • Cassie! Love this post. Wellness. A healthy foundation. Goals that are incremental at best, for sure. There is always a bit of sliding back and forth as we inch forward in our desire to take care of ourselves while we care for the rest of our world. It’s difficult to be intentional with EVERYTHING ELSE on your plate. It’s always inspirational to read a post like this – and to know we are not alone.

    So excited to hear about the new clothing line at J.C. Penney!

    Working to fill our own cups by hitting the gym (as best we can) a couple of days a week and eating mindfully, if not perfectly. Karen’s cup, though, will always be filled with coffee – she’d rather forgo the sugar. Rachel’s is filled with skinny hot chocolates.

    Here’s to you and a filled cup!

    Karen & Rachel (teacherreadermoms)

  • Ingunn SAYS

    I am going to attempt to cut the sugar again, but kind of in a roundabout way by starting to focus on adding more vegetables instead of just subtracting stuff right away. And I KNOW so well how important endorphins are to my well-being, so I will either run with the jogging stroller on trail every day or briskly walk the hills if I’m using the carrier.

    And beeteedubs, even though you’re not feeling it these days, my first reaction when I saw your photo at the top of the post is that you’re looking great these days.

  • Julie SAYS

    I know the feeling! Keeping healthy habits has been so rough this year (my baby is about to turn one). I know the upcoming year will be about keeping my activity level up, not relying on unhealthy foods to survive, getting more sleep (pretty much has to happen, or I’ll die), and mental health. I think I need to live more in the moment and relax more.

  • alesha steinke SAYS

    Perfect timing on this …..I’m sooo drained because I spent all summer giving to others, now I need to take some me time and recharge. Im just not sure how to do that. New work out clothes would help I’m sure of it.

  • Alicia J. SAYS

    Good question. I need to start moving again myself. Walking sounds perfect. Especially this time of year when it’s not so horribly hot. And I stopped reading books. I got into a rut and didn’t have the time and I notice it now. I need to put that 20 minutes of me time back in my day. Thank you for the wake up call.

  • Hillary SAYS

    Cassie, I am so on the same page! After dealing with a bunch of health issues over the past few years, I’m in the midst of figuring out what I can do to fill my cup + live a healthier life! Two things I want to focus on the next few weeks are drinking at least 64 oz. of water a day + making sure I do at least a few squats and planks each day. I’m recovering from a foot injury but can at least do these in the meantime!

  • Jen K SAYS

    Yes! Finding personal time in a mommy world is cra-zy! With a 3month at home, I also need to focus on what you can when you can. by spending 10 minutes relaxing before bed and getting in my 7,500 daily steps!

  • Ty Gray SAYS

    I need to fill my cup. This sounds like a great place to start. Great advice!.

  • Ashley SAYS

    Oh my gosh, as usual your writing is spot on. I feel like I could have (less eloquently) written so much of this…especially the part about feeling guilty, and the part about your brain loving the stuff that makes your body feel like crap. That is so me!

    I saw the same Facebook image recently, while it didn’t resonate quite as deeply with me, I did pause and consider it. I think for me, the best way to refill my cup is to simplify. I need to get my house in order (hello, KonMari), even if it means grabbing a sitter for a few hours each weekend — and I wont let that induce the mommy guilt about taking time away from my kids. And I’m going to do my make-up daily. Amazing what taking some pride in your appearance will do!

  • Jess B SAYS

    I am in the same boat. My first is 19 months and I just can’t find the time, or energy, to workout again. However my body is majorly feeling the effects! My first goal is to cut back on caffine- one cup of coffee in the morning by Thanksgiving and 0 by Christmas. I love the stuff but my body hates it!

  • Julie SAYS

    I totally agree with you on this! I just became a mother myself about 6 months ago and between a tiring pregnancy where I ate whatever I wanted basically and now being a mom, my caffeine and sugar addiction have never been higher! I would like to fill my cup by trying to add in things that are doable like you said, going for walks and trying to cut back on coffee and the occasional soda, which has become more regular than I’d like. I think I’d like to try to get back into my scrapbooking hobby as well. Thank you for the inspiration and good luck on your journey!

  • Sarah M. SAYS

    I agree–I need to walk more. I have a fitness tracker that served as great motivation for the first month or so. And now it just makes me feel badly when I don’t reach my goal. Walking more, and maybe starting with a bit smaller goal is the plan.

  • Bev SAYS

    I need to be more intentional about my days. Now that we are retired, the days pass in a flash but I don’t always accomplish a thing…how can that be?

    I just enrolled in an exercise class, for the first time ever, and started making a list each morning of items, simple items, to accomplish. Now if I can only stay with this plan!

  • Jenny S SAYS

    I love your post! I too, feel drained and I like your basic ideas. In fact, I think I’ll start tonight with the earlier bedtime. Who wouldn’t love to sleep more?! Thanks for sharing such wonderful advice.

  • Kate Brinkley SAYS

    So funny, I have been considering my options for “refilling my cup” as well! Definitely hoping to have a gentler holiday season with more self-care…my number one goal is to try and juice regularly, drink green juice every day if I can. Even if the rest of my diet isn’t great that day, I love that I can get some nutrients and fluids in….it just makes me feel good!

  • I could have written this post! Sigh.

    I’m on day 3 of a 30 day yoga challenge at a local studio. So tired already, but a good tired.

  • Amy b SAYS

    I’m trying to make working out a priority, not easy with two littles! I feel so much better and I’m a happier momma when I take the time to walk or lift!

  • Audrey SAYS

    So, we had babies about a month a part from one another, and I am so there on the empty cup thing. I thought I was going to find my healthy by running my first marathon, but have been sick, and just broke my arm Saturday!!! No marathon for me after months of work….

    I need to find a way to get some peace, and think I am going to start an at home yoga practice. I think walking is a lovely idea too.. I can do that with my kiddo, and hit the trails near my house.

    I’ve also hired a house cleaner to come twice a month. because tired, worn out and needing to do more more more is clearly not working.

  • Alaine SAYS

    I have a newborn daughter, and I feel the same way as the writer. I will be taking my baby on walks, bubble baths, and bubble baths where I actually relax instead of thinking about all the chores I should be doing.

  • Marisa SAYS

    I want to focus on running consistently throughout the holidays and not letting other social commitments derail my marathon training!

  • Ashley SAYS

    I have spent too many days wondering “what’s for dinner” at 4 o’clock! I hope to do some menu planning.

  • Crystal SAYS

    To fill my cup, I will work on a craft project for at least 5 minutes a day. I’m hoping 5 minutes turns into 20 turns into more. :)

  • Jen N. SAYS

    I’m going through IVF right now, so I’m giving myself permission to say no more. My body is tired, and I need to let it rest more.

  • Stella Gustafson SAYS

    Learn to say No. People know that all they need to do is just ask me to do something for them and I will. But after being put in the hospital recently, I was giving a warning that I need to slow down for the next couple of months and recharge myself. I am learning to eat healthy and for exersice I have froze my gym membership, since I can’t be doing any lifting or strenuous exersice until January, and started walking slowly until my body repairs itself. And what a perfect time for walking with the change of seasons and the crisp air. So to recharge myself over the next month I will be focusing on me and bring health to my body, clarity to my mind and learn to say NO.

  • That is so crazy! I never really re-post images or memes on Facebook, but I saw this one about a month ago, too, and it really stuck with me. I’m an 8th grade teacher and boy, did I not realize I was trying to squeeze miracles out of an empty cup. Good for you, girl.

  • Kelly M. SAYS

    First of all you look gorgeous in all these photos. I love the new hair do! I also love the goals that you have set. Perfect. I find my Fitbit to bea great motivator.

  • Erin SAYS

    Sleep! It does wonders!

  • Jaclyn SAYS

    I can absolutely relate to this as I have been feeling the same way lately. To fill my cup I will commit to drinking a ton of water, move my body in some way each day, and start that yoga membership I’ve been really wanting to start for months!

  • francine SAYS

    i have a nine month old son who still wakes several times per night, and boy oh boy, does my cup ever feel empty. i don’t going to take time for myself by reading the bible and spending time in prayer. thanks for the encouragement! #unitedmamas :)

  • Carol B SAYS

    I have been working on me since July 2nd. With the Holidays coming up, I want to continue to make me time even through all of the craziness!

  • Daina Jauntirans SAYS

    My plan is to slowly get back into exercising at least 3 times per week after foot surgery, and also to find time to read for pleasure – nothing better!

  • Mallory SAYS

    I’m going to fill my cup by cooking more with my husband!

  • Megan SAYS

    Awesome post–so reflective! You also look great. :) Cup filling…I too am a first time mom to a 15 month old. One of the best choices I made was to embrace a RIE parenting philosophy at 4 months. There is a focus on respectful limits for both baby and parent. It really has helped me enjoy parenting much more. I am no RIE purist, but many tenants resonated with me.

  • Rashada SAYS

    Sadly, it took me almost 7 years after having my first child (who was then followed by an additional 2) for me to start working on filling my own cup.

    Thankfully, my youngest finally reached a stage where I could leave him home with daddy, and I started taking karate classes. A year and a half later and I don’t see any physical change, but I FEEL better. Emotionally and physically I feel better, but I also feel like I am being a better parent and making a great attempt at being a good role model by doing something to take care of ME instead of just them (them being the kids, the husband, the house, and everything that isn’t me).

    I think you’ve really got something there with the goal of walking more. I don’t do blogging like you do, but as a SAHM I don’t get many steps. We have a puppy who doesn’t get out for walks nearly as often as he needs to, so I need to just start putting my son on my back and take us all for a walk.

    I love how honest and open you are about many things with all of us. This post reminded me that, although I am already working on it, I should work harder on filling my own cup since mine is also very empty.

    How long have you had the Garmin watch? Long enough to have formed an opinion? I’d love to get something similar but there are so many different kinds that I don’t even know where to start.

  • Lilli SAYS

    Oh Cassie, you are not alone! I love your plan. I will be cheering you on and looking forward to following your progress.

  • Ashley B C SAYS

    I’m in the same “empty” rut. One of the things wearing on me is I’ve felt very isolated since becoming a parent. I am hosting a different social event each month from October through January. Some are low-key like my book club or family for Christmas in January, some are scary to me like inviting my entire street to my home for a cookie swap so I can meet my neighbors. I’m hoping it will fill my empty social cup without overflowing my already full chores-anxiety-tired cup.

  • Shelley S SAYS

    What a great post! Thanks for your honesty. I’ve been trying to get my 10,000 steps and set limits with work.

  • Girllll I’m right there with you and feel the same way. And now that I’m going through a divorce with twin 15 month olds, I feel like the worst ever.

    But I’ve been trying to work on little things here and there – like taking advantage of the days I don’t have my girls and doing a short workout and getting things done around the house. I also started blogging again after a hiatus when I had the girls. A different focus, but it’s reignited my passion for writing – so that’s how I’m filling my cup.

    And I’ll never quit coffee. We’re bonded for life!

    Ashley at

  • Erika SAYS

    Something I’ve been consciously working on is taking time to read. It’s my favorite hobby, and it’s hard to do with little ones running around, so I’m trying to get back into it again.


  • Mami2jcn SAYS

    I just had a baby last month and I plan to stroll with her more often.


    I want to add meditation to my daily routine.

  • Mami2jcn SAYS


  • Joanna C SAYS

    I am going to aim to be in bed at 10pm (hopefully asleep soon after!) and get back to working out regularly 3x a week.

  • Julie Wood SAYS

    Oh and to fill my own cup, I am going to take time for myself and do more yoga and meditation, and catch up on all my reading!

  • Julie Wood SAYS


  • Stephanie SAYS

    i will cut out fast food and walk more

  • Elena SAYS

    I am going to walk more

  • Tristan RowLee SAYS

    I am due to have baby #9 any day now – literally. What will I do to fill up my cup as I venture into newborn waters again? I will make time to read a book just for me. I will walk every day – with baby in the carrier. I will eat chocolate when it sounds good.

  • Kelly D SAYS

    I will start going on daily nature walks again, I find them so relaxing.

  • I need to give myself more time to work on me. I’ve been so busy with my girls and work over the last year.

  • Laurel SAYS

    Sleep! I really need to work on this. Whenever, I get busy, sleep is the first thing to go out the window. It really shouldn’t be though–sleep feeds into my ability to handle all the business, and without it, I get overwhelmed SO easily.

  • Edie SAYS

    What a great post! I am feeling the exact same way as you have described. It is so hard to balance taking care of yourself as a mommy of little ones.

    Over the next few weeks I plan to start training for a 1/2 marathon I am signed up for in March. My friend signed me up as a “Christmas present”, so I definitely feel the pressure to follow through.

  • Bridget SAYS

    I have been reading your blog for a while and I just love learning more about a life so different from mine. I have lived in big cities for years and now I live in the one of the biggest – Guangzhou, China! I just want to say that you are really lucky to work at home and not have to do the commute/daycare/work grind that most of us do. For my first 5 years of being a parent, I was in NYC, and it was miserable. There was no way I could take care of myself with the commute and all. You can totally do this!
    I am finally at a place where my kids are bigger and I have a short commute and I still don’t make the time for myself. I am going to set a bedtime and exercise goal this week.

  • Ty SAYS

    My plan is to make my health and happiness a priority. I spend too much of my time working towards a goal and forgetting to live and enjoy the moment.

  • Maria B SAYS

    A marvelous post! WYCWYC is the way to go!
    I have gone to half caf coffee and am pleased with the results. In the coming months I am working on reducing sugar in all of its forms.

  • Emily SAYS

    Just found your blog searching for BLW breakfast ideas (my little man needs something to take to the sitter) and I love your blog!

  • Chaley SAYS

    I just hit reset this week myself. I have committed to two weekly walks with a friend and two piyo classes. Baby steps. I have also admitted that the eating plan I’ve been trying to make work, just isn’t working for me. My husband has lost almost 100 pounds using it, but it just doesn’t work for me. I have to find my own way in this health thing. Thanks for the post and the giveaway!

  • Lisa Brown SAYS

    watch less tv and read more; i have so many great novels on my tbr list, i have neglected for laziness.

  • Lisa Brown SAYS


  • Sarah SAYS

    Thank you for this post! My cup is just about drained and I so appreciate the ideas and encouragement you offer. I have been homeschooling our kids, which left even less time for other necessary things, let alone anu time to further take care of myself. We made the decision to return the kids to public school..a tough decision but I think everyone will benefit!

  • Jessie C. SAYS

    I would like to make Pilates part of my day.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  • Jessie C. SAYS


  • Natalie SAYS

    I would love to start taking a yoga class or start journaling. Right now I like to “fill my cup” by going for long runs by myself.

  • Kandi SAYS

    I would like to get out for more solo runs to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.
    I absolutely love xersion gear!! I’ve also been considering getting a Garmin fitness tracker.

  • tina SAYS

    It took me more than two years to figure out health after having a kid. I felt so guilty leaving my son to go to the gym and I was tired so frequently from all those crazy fun milestones that result in sleep disruption. Krissie’s My May series helped me reset my brain and figure out what habits I needed to feel full and in balance. And over time, I was able to figure out which of those habits needed to be daily (like getting 7+ hours of sleep) versus which could be a few times a week (like reading). I also quit caffeine (not coffee). Coffee is so ritualistic and therapeutic–it even feels indulgent in some ways–for me, so I switched to decaf for mornings and saved tea for afternoon/evening. If the departure of coffee from your morning routine feels like you’re missing out (and you can swing decaf coffee), consider that. Good luck! I know you can do this.

  • Alaina SAYS

    This was a nice reminder to check in with where your ‘cup’ is right now. So important to make sure there is always something in it!

    Especially with the holidays coming up, I think it’s important to have those quiet moments and time with family and friends to fill up your cup. I’m going to focus on working only 40 hours a week at work (not easy) and spending quality time with those I love. Trying to give more meaningful gifts, too, to help fill other peoples’ cups. :)

  • LaTanya SAYS

    enjoying more time outside with fresh air

  • Shoshana SAYS

    I am going to try to reconnect with old friends.

  • Bets SAYS

    Great post. I eat a healthy breakfast and a healthy dinner every day, but I need to focus on the day in between those meals. I will do a better job of packing healthy lunches and not relying on buying lunch or snacking on junk.

  • Laurel E SAYS

    Make sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

  • Megan SAYS

    I’ve been a reader for a long time; your blog is one that I consistently come back to because of posts like these. You keep it honest in a world where many bloggers are touting their best selves. Like you, I have been searching for ways to get “back to my roots.” Getting married, taking care of a puppy, working on my Master’s, and holding a part-time job left me giving little time to my health too. One thing I plan to do in the coming months to fill my cup is to take more me time away from the books (the to-do list there is never going to end) and household chores to do something I enjoy like cook a more elaborate meal or take on a DIY project. I hope you prosper in your journey to a better, more healthy you!

  • Madeline SAYS

    I’m going to try to squeeze in more stretching and yoga. I sit a lot and my muscles get so tight!

  • Michelle Knight SAYS

    It surprises me how often I find my cup nearing empty & wonder how it happened. I plan to do some of those same things to fill my cup: walk more, write more, and also sing more. I find that singing loudly releases stress & helps me feel happy.

  • Kristen SAYS

    I’m totally with you on the walking! I actually recently joined a gym with a friend (buddy power!) and it is close enough that we can walk there from my house. (bonus!)

  • Alexa SAYS

    School has been stressing me out a lot, and I feel like poop everyday. I’m going to try to do the same things as you are! Also, I’m really interested in becoming vegan or vegetarian! Thanks for this post, it was really inspiring :)

  • Angela SAYS

    Preach! I am in the same boat. I keep saying to friends, “I just don’t know how to fit exercise into my life!” It used to be so easy. My boys will be 3 next month and only now am I feeling like it will even be possible to someday take back time to workout and meal plan/prep, etc. right now my goal is literally to just make it through each day with clean clothes on little bodies and good food in their tummies. I am going to try and adopt your back to basics approach and make a walk happen today.

  • Erin SAYS

    Morning Meditation of 15 minutes

  • Christine SAYS

    I’m planning to work on having and enjoying silent time each day.

  • In the next few months, I would start my daily walk again to help fill up my own cup! gotta get back to my exercise routine!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  • kjasus SAYS

    i will rest more, even if it means sitting and reading a book. just to be still.

  • Emily H. SAYS

    I will also walk more (my dog will definitely appreciate extra time outdoors!) and plan to set aside more time for myself at night to either read, do my nails, or just watch a random show that sounds good. This is a great post at a great time; while I don’t have children that take up most of my time, I am the type of person that will put others before myself until my cup is completely empty. Thanks for this, and thanks to JCPenney for sponsoring!

  • Hi guys, I’m a new parent and I’m desperately to get my five month baby to sleep through the night. Currently I’m lucky to have four hours sleep per night. Thanks

  • I am focusing on sleep and flexibility this month! After having worked overnight at a desk for the last year, my sleep clock is all messed up and my flexibility is awful! I am also working on eating more real food (less processed/ junk food) to just overall feel better.

  • heather SAYS

    Over the next few months I am going to be going back to school to full my own cup.

  • Cynthia C SAYS

    I am going to enjoy listening to an audio book while walking to be entertained while getting exercise.

  • Stephanie Phelps SAYS

    To Fill my cup I am taking more time to shop for the foods that make me feel healthy and to spend more just play time with my kids!

  • Jacqui SAYS

    Thank you so much for the honesty, it’s so refreshing to see people’s challenges on social media to remind us that everyone is human. I think a LOT of us can relate to this post.

  • Elle SAYS

    I want to squeeze in more time for reading. I enjoy it but haven’t had the time and haven’t made it a priority.

  • rachel SAYS

    My second baby is just a few weeks old, so I’m going to have to try to figure out this whole exercise thing with two little ones…naptime runs?? I don’t know!

  • Rebecca SAYS

    My baby is due soon, and I am definitely planning on getting back into shape once she is here. Workout clothes are a great motivator!

  • Kristie Naylor SAYS

    This is wonderful, everyone should be able to take some time to make themselves happy, especially mom because they spend so much time giving.
    Good luck and just remember that being healthy feels so much better even if it takes a lot of effort.

  • Deb Ford SAYS

    To fill my own cup I’m going to make sure that I get enough sleep each night.

  • debbie SAYS

    I do want to be more regular with my exercise. I also have a few spiritual books I want to read which I think would be very good at filling up my cup!

  • Laura SAYS

    I’m going to take Maija’s challenge and try to spend less time with my face in my phone! Also work on my blog, keep going to my writer’s group, join a women’s communications organization here in Austin, and keep working out 30 minutes a day. :)

  • Alex SAYS

    Looks like neat gear, especially the Garmin!

  • Tina m SAYS

    i want to make time for myself, have a girls night our at least once a month!

  • Angela Saver SAYS

    To fill my cup, I plan to walk in our neighborhood five days a week to take time for me & to be heathier for my family I also plan to take time weekly to work in my devotional bible!

  • Shawn Gallagher SAYS

    I plan to take it easier on myself, stress a little less. Have some more man time with the tv

  • Carolsue SAYS

    I finally found a friend to join me at Aqua Aerobics — it makes all the difference to share it with someone and encourage each other.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Margaret Smith SAYS

    I started to walk almost everyday with my husband. We’re both trying to get into better shape and loose some weight.
    Thanks so much.

  • Gina M SAYS

    I will take daily walks to think and clear my head. Walking really helps me to de-stress!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  • Gina M SAYS


  • maria cantu SAYS

    Read a little more.


    I will take time for me to unwind.

  • Kerry SAYS

    I’m going to try to get a walk in everyday!

  • Stacey b SAYS

    I’m going to to try eating Gluten free. I’ve been reading a lot about it and it seems like something I could benefit from!

  • Angel Jacklyn SAYS

    Take it easy… I’ve been way overstressed lately

  • Betty C SAYS

    I love this post. I’ve been captive to an extremely sedentary job for several years and have gotten totally away from an exercise program. I’m a senior (75) and have both arthritis and asthma but I would like to ease back into a program that I know will make me feel better..
    I’ve already cut out the majority of my coffee drinking and still need to work on reducing sugar.

  • angie SAYS

    I will spend more time doing the things I love and less time worrying about what other people expect me to be doing.

  • Susan Smith SAYS

    I’m going to turn off the TV and computer and spend that time reading.

  • Tarissa SAYS

    I’m going to try to exercise more this winter than previous years. A little boost in the fitness fashion department would be helpful!

  • Denise L SAYS

    Wonderful post! Perfect for this time of year. I’m going to fill my cup by taking time to do things I love to do like read and bake. Also take some time to de-clutter and possibly make some people happy in the process.

  • Brandy R SAYS

    I’m going to get back into a night tint routine. It will include a cup of tea, applying my favorite foot lotion, wearing my yoga toes for 30 minutes, and reading something for enjoyment (rather than for school/work). Once a week I’m going to add a mani-pedi to the mix. Yoga toes are great for painting your toes,

  • Thomas Murphy SAYS

    I want to exercise more.

  • Tabathia B SAYS

    Close my book and take my kids for more walks and to the park

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Wanda McHenry SAYS

    At this point, I can’t do too much. I have a fractured rib and can hardly breathe. So, I don’t think jumping jacks are in my near future. lol

  • amanda sakovitz SAYS

    I plan to walk every morning

  • amanda sakovitz SAYS


  • D Schmidt SAYS

    I will start putting more effort into taking care of myself and realize I am entitled to take time for myself.

  • Ellie Wright SAYS

    My worst habit…addiction?? is Dr Pepper. My plan is to cut way back on them and eventually eliminate them altogether.

  • sherri crawford SAYS

    i need to pay more attention and make better health choices

  • erica best SAYS

    making better eating choices

  • Autumn SAYS

    Thank you for sharing this post! I’m a yoga instructor and business owner and sometimes I struggle with taking my own advice. I know many of the women in my life struggle with the very same thing. It’s time for us ladies to stop making excuses and fill our cups! Thanks again

  • Jennie SAYS

    Yay for walking! It takes guts to put a goal out there. And I totally get the desire for cute workout clothes! When I went from wearing secondhand cotton to “performance wear’ it made all the difference, I finally felt like an athlete! Good job!

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