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a tour of my kitchen

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We’re finally getting settled into our new house and one of the spaces we’ve settled into the most is our new kitchen. I thought you guys might enjoy a little jaunt around the space. After cooking in an apartment kitchen for the past decade, I’m so excited to have so much room to spread out!

The island is definitely the most important part of the kitchen. It gives me so much workspace! I actually think there is more workspace just on this island than I had in my last two kitchens combined. In the island is my amazing, wonderful five burner gas stovetop. I’m a cook-with-gas kinda girl all the way.

Also on the island is our shiny stainless steel oven. This sucker gets HOT and heats up fast!

Also in the island is quite possibly my favorite feature of the kitchen—the baking sheet cabinet. After years of dealing with stacks and stacks of annoying baking dishes, I’m so happy that they are all nicely and neatly organized in this vertical cabinet.

In case you are wondering what lives on the island: a crock of utensils, our compost pail, usually a pile of items that need to be taken outside to recycling, plus oils, salt and pepper.

On the wall-side of the kitchen, we start off with a giant pantry. As you can tell, I’m still struggling with how to keep this guy organized. It’s mega deep, which is amazing for storage, but a little frustrating for finding things or keeping them organized. At some point, I’ll buckle down and do some serious organization in here. Also, all my pots and pans are stored on the bottom shelf, which I’m not loving. I want a pot rack!

Above the pantry is a glass-doored cabinet where I’m currently storing all my mason jars with my bulk items. It works, but it’s also not my favorite. Doesn’t seem like the best use of this tall space.

Moving into the kitchen proper, all of our upper cabinets have glass fronts. Which ends up being really fun because our everyday dishes are mixed Fiestaware. So colorful!

Below those cabinets is our dishwasher, which is a-freaking-mazing. I’m not sure what speciality store apartment complexes go to, but everything is smaller. Smaller stove. Smaller oven. Smaller fridge. And a MUCH smaller dishwasher. We were doing 2-3 loads a day in our tiny apartment dishwasher. Now, we do one a day. Maybe. Yay, giant dishwasher!

Directly to the left of the dishwasher is our sink. Babyface particularly loves it because it’s nice and deep. Deep enough to hide our dirty dishes. That is, until I post a picture of them on the interwebs. Let’s talk about how our wooden cutting boards are pretty much never clean because they can’t go in the dishwasher…

I know a lot of folks like the clean countertop look, but I like the “I use this stuff all the time so I’m gonna make it easy to get to” look, so our countertops are decidedly full. The Kiureg, our blender, the toaster, the microwave, the mixer, and my grain canisters are always out. Oh, and my food scale. Although, the salmon on top of the microwave is not an everyday kinda thing.

To the left of our microwave is our giant, glorious fridge. Again, with the small apartment appliances, this beast feels huge! I love it!

And then the view from the door out onto the deck. Magnets! We get a new one every time we go out of town. Also, there are two words spelled in the letters. Go.

And on the other side of the doors, we have storage galore! Two more giant pantries. The one on the left stores all of our Pyrex, mixing bowls and extra serving pieces, plus Puppyface food and paper goods (baggies, paper plates, paper towels, etc.) The right is a hodge podge. Vacuum, some photo backgrounds, plus all of our shopping bags. It’s so nice to have a home for all of this stuff.

So there’s our kitchen! I know a lot of people have a lot bigger kitchens, but to us, this sucker is huge! And totally functional. I’m so happy to have the room to cook and create.

What’s your dream kitchen look like?


Cassie is the founder and CEO of Wholefully. She's a home cook and wellness junkie with a love of all things healthy living. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens.

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  1. I can tell you live with a Canadian… I didn’t learn the word “humidex” until I met Jeff’s family 🙂


    Really cute kitchen. I think you and I are on the same page with appliances–I keep my tiny crock pot next to my toaster 🙂

  2. jeri

    Turntables work great for deep closets. And they don’t have to be expensive ones. I got mine at the 99 cent store years ago and they still work just fine even full of heavy cans.

  3. I’m not sure what my dream kitchen looks like, probably what I have at the moment with a better sink, more cupboards and a dishwasher! I’d take yours though, it looks lovely so much space..

  4. I’m in love. This is literally my dream kitchen, with the massive stove, an island (oh, how I adore islands!) and cabinets with glass fronts. So. Jealous. I cannot wait to have my own house!!

  5. My dream kitchen =IKEA white modern kitchen with all the fixins (aka vitamix, juicer, microwave, double oven, gas stovetop, keruig coffee maker, toaster oven and possibly an espresso machine but that might be pushin’ it(: ) haha. Did you stand on your counter to take the aerial picture of your fridge? at first I was like that fridge looks so small! but then I figured you took the photo from above

    1. Cassie

      We had that problem in our last two kitchens. Two people could fit, but two people and a dog was impossible. So we had banned Puppyface!

  6. um, pretty sure your kitchen is my dream kitchen 🙂 right now, anything that’s not my apartment kitchen (which features a whopping 2’x3′ of usable counter space) is my dream kitchen.

  7. Totally jealous of your gas stove, so nice! It’s really a great kitchen, I love the island.

    I also love magnets on my fridge from places I visit or that friends or family visit. Everyone in my world knows that I love magnets. 🙂

  8. My dream kitchen? It looks like yours! Seriously- it’s beautiful!!
    I actually really love my kitchen. There’s a big island in the center, but it’s all cabinet space. I’d love to have the stove on there too. My friends have my ultimate dream kitchen. They have an island in the middle with a separate small sink, and then there’s a bigger sink elsewhere in the kitchen. They also have the two separate ovens, which I LOVE.

    1. Cassie

      Aww, thank you! 🙂 I would LOVE to have two ovens. Especially for Thanksgiving. We do two Thanksgiving dinners (Canadian in October and American in November) and it’s so. Much. Baking.

  9. Bacon and humid! That looks like a kitchen out of a magazine, you lucky girl!!! I love how your blog is moving right along with MY life! I started putting things into my new kitchen yesterday! We’ve been in 940 square feet for the last six years and now I have a kitchen the size of our old living room, and I have a dishwasher(heavens open up and the angels sing!). Of the entire house, nesting the kitchen and the bedroom are always first priority. One is the daytime hub, and the other the night. Everything else can wait.

    1. Cassie

      I totally agree! Everything else can wait. Our kitchen is unpacked and our bedroom is comfy. Everything else is a little chaotic, but that’s alright!

  10. Humid and Bacon!

    Your kitchen looks amazing. I love bit open kitchens with islands! My dream kitchen though has a gas range and an electric oven. I had cooking with an electric stove, but I’ve found they back and broil much better.

    Also, for pantry organization, try getting some baskets to group similar stuff – spices, beans, pasta, etc. – and them label them so you can pull out the baskets rather than pulling out a million individual items.

    1. Cassie

      I love having an electric oven! The only issue I have with it is that there isn’t a top broiler, which is something I’m missing desperately from my gas range.

    2. Julie

      I second the suggestion of baskets or shallow plastic bins to group like things together. I did that before when I had a walk-in pantry w/ deep shelves. It also works great for cleaning supplies under the sink too.

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