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A Day in My Life: June 28, 2015

A Day in My LIfe

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A Day in My LIfe

4:12 am: I feel Juniper squirming next to me (we bedshare). I pull her close and realize she’s soaked through her wool diaper cover. Craig wakes up and starts to change her diaper, while I nurse her to keep her calm and quiet. #coparenting. Once her diaper is changed, we’re all back asleep in a flash.

5:54 am: I start to wake up for good. Craig and Juniper are still out, so I grab my phone and do some surfing around internet land. I normally stay in bed until everyone is up. Juniper likes to nurse when she first wakes up, so I try to make sure I’m there for her. Plus, it’s nice, relaxing time for Mommy.

6:25 am: Juniper snuggles up in my arm, and it’s so cozy and comfy, I doze off, too. Sunday mornings are awesome.

7:11 am: She sleepily roots around to nurse. We snuggle and nurse for a few minutes, then she springs up, smiles, and starts babbling some adorable baby sounds. She stands up and runs (as well as a toddler on a bed can) over to Daddy’s side of the bed to babble him awake. We’re all up!

Bedroom Window

7:20 am: Juniper climbs off the bed to go explore, and we’ve officially started our day. I head to the closet to get dressed. It’s an unseasonably cool morning, so I pull out jeans and a hoodie. I love these little fall-like breaks in the middle of summer. I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my hair.

Me Feet and Jeans

7:25 am: I’m ready for the day! I pick up the babbling baby and carry her downstairs to get her diaper changed and get her dressed. She loathes lying down for diaper changes, so I’ve gotten quite good at changing diapers while she stands.

Diaper Change

7:30 am: She’s bursting with energy, so I put her down, and she’s off to go get into something. Can’t keep a toddler down! I head to the kitchen to make some coffee.

Juniper Running

7:35 am: Craig has gotten dressed and made his way downstairs. He’s playing with Juniper on the couch so our puppy can eat breakfast (Juniper is quite fond of playing in the dog food, so it goes up most of the day). She somehow manages to hurt herself on the couch (on what, we have no idea), and melts down into a puddle of sad tears. I put a pause on the coffee-making and come over to snuggle it all better.

Juniper Snuggles

7:38 am: It must not have been that bad, because she’s up and smiling again. Snuggles are the best medicine. I head back to making coffee.

Smiling Juniper

7:40 am: Coffee is in the French press, and Craig has brought out our button stash to replace a button on his shirt. I see some big buttons, and think they’d be good toddler toys. So I make her a fun toy by cutting a slot in the top of an old almond container, and showing her how she can drop the buttons in. It’s great fun. She’s entertained for a good 15 minutes. Which is pretty much an eternity in one-year-old time.

Button Toy

7:50 am: Coffee is done. Yes, grinding your own coffee and French pressing it takes longer, but man, it is so worth it. #thingshipsterssay


7:52 am: We decide we want to go for a walk (and let the dog run around a little). It’s a beautiful, cool morning, so we want to soak it up! I take Juni into her room to put socks and a sweater on.

8:01 am: We’re out! Puppy bolts out the door so fast I can’t even nab a picture of her. She LOVES cool weather like this. She’s off chasing bunnies and chipmunks before we even get off the driveway. Happy puppy is happy.

Coffee Feet Walk

8:10 am: We wind our way down to the garden. We’ve gotten a little behind in the garden this past few weeks, so we decide this afternoon is garden time. Everything is growing nicely. Our grapes are looking particularly awesome lately!


8:20 am: Behind the garden is the woods with the best chanterelle mushroom patches in past years, so Puppy and I crash through the woods to see if any are coming up yet. We don’t find any. These patches are normally a few weeks behind the ones up close to our house (and we just started harvesting those a couple days ago), so we still have a while. It’s beautiful back in the woods.

Woods Trees Sun

8:35 am: Puppy makes a beeline (a puppyline?) for the lake to go swimming. She’s already been running around so much that she’s warm and panting. She does a few laps in the water, and then comes out and shakes all over me. Because, of course she does.

Swimming Puppy

8:45 am: We make our way back up to the house. It’s not a short (or easy) trek from the others side of the lake up to the house. Puppy heads inside.

9:05 am: With the dog safely inside (and probably already passed out on the couch), I walk over and let the chickens out to be free. In an ideal world, our dog and chickens would co-exist happily, but we’re just not ready to try it yet. Our system works pretty well—we let puppy out to run in the mornings, then let the chickens out all day, then lock the chickens back up in late afternoon, and puppy goes out to run again in the evening. She goes out on a leash during the day if she has to go out. Both the chickens and dog are happy, and we haven’t had any incidents. That makes us happy animal lovers.

Richard Chicken

9:13 am: Spend a few minutes watching some very happy chickens, and then I go inside to make breakfast. I wanted avocado toast, but our only avocado is just a touch too hard to spread well—so I make deconstructed avocado toast. Torn up toast, tomatoes, avocado chunks, and a sunny side up egg. It is deeeee-licious.


9:40 am: Dad pops over (my parents live just on the other side of our lake) to pick up the tractor to do some mowing. He stops in and sits down with us to say hello to the June Bug. He and Craig talk over some homebrewing stuff.

9:55 am: Dad leaves, and Juniper is done with her breakfast (peanut butter toast, avocado chunks, and strawberries), so Craig cleans her up, and then hands her over to me to top off with some milk. She doesn’t eat a ton. Belly is full of berries!


10:00 am: Craig and Juniper head off to the living room to play, and I head into the office, close the door, and turn on the computer. I try not to work a lot of Sundays, but I do almost always work some. That’s the blessing and the curse of being your own boss. I check to make sure my post went up okay. I check and reply to any comments I got overnight. I check my email and clear it all out (wooohooo! inbox zero!). I check to make sure my scheduled social media went up, and do some more posting, too.


10:37 am: Craig brings me a smoothie. We had a ton of produce that needed to be used up today or it was going to go bad, so we’re having a smorgasbord smoothie as a snack. I’m not all that hungry, but it’s delicious, so I sip on it while I keep working.


11:02 am: Juniper is going to need her nap soon, so I switch gears to planning for the upcoming work week. It’s so funny, my “work week” can be whenever I want, but I’m so conditioned to work Monday through Friday that it feels right to call that my work week. I’m heading on vacation in a few weeks, so I really gotta kick it over the next few weeks to get prepped for that. I make a to-do list for the upcoming week. It’s long.


11:25 am: The list starts to feel overwhelming (and messy, yuck), so I transfer the whole thing to a master list on WunderList, and then instead, just write out a to do list for Monday only. I also switch to black ink, because the purple was stressing me out (weird, much?). Digestible chunks are good.


11:47 am: Alright, gotta get the kid down for a nap. On my back, she goes! We head outside for a quick walk. Being outside always relaxes her—has since she was a tiny itty bitty baby.

Me and Juniper

11:58 am: Annnd, she’s out. I head inside and upstairs, to where our stand up desk is. I put up the hood on her carrier (to support her beautiful noggin), and then get back to working. Having a stand up desk is amazing. I start writing the recipe post that you’ll be seeing tomorrow.

Me Desk

12:42 pm: I’ve got that post written—all while texting with a friend about our 4th of July plans—multitasking! So I move onto writing another recipe post for later in the week. If you can’t tell, Juniper’s nap time is my writing time. The vast majority of the posts you see on here are written with a baby on my back.

1:05 pm: My arms are getting tired (holding them up typing while a baby is on my back isn’t the most ergonomic of positions). So I step away from the computer and do some walking around.

1:14 pm: I must have been fidgeting too much, because someone is awake. Not a very long nap, but oh well, it’ll do. I take her off my back, and lay down on the bed to nurse.


1:22 pm: She’s done eating and now ready to…eat! I head downstairs to make lunch for all of us. Craig has been out working in the garden, so I text him to make his way up for food. We have a whole bunch of leftovers that are about ready to head into the trash, so I do some fridge clearing for lunch.


2:01 pm: We’re all done eating, and it’s time to get ready to head outside. I change into some garden clothes, and then I take Juniper into her room for a diaper change and to put on her overalls. Because, of course.


2:08 pm: All three of us make our way down to the garden. I put Juniper down and she is off to the races. Girl loves being outside.

Juniper Garden

2:10 pm: While she’s exploring, I start working on the big task for the afternoon—harvesting garlic. I love growing garlic! It is the base to so many meals, and it is so easy to grow. Look at these beautiful heads!


3:23 pm: We’ve got all the garlic out of the ground, now it’s time to sit down and peel off the first layer of skin (to clean them up). Craig and I sit on the ground and work on the pile while Juniper toddles around. We talk about (a) our upcoming trip to Canada, (b) if we should hire a housekeeper, and (c) what we want to put in the bed that the garlic just came out of.


3:40 pm: Garlic is all harvested, cleaned up, and ready to be cured! One bushel basket is full of hard neck garlic, which stores really well and is what we’ll eat on the majority of the year. The other is soft neck, most of which will be braided and given away as gifts to our favorite people.


3:50 pm: Garlic has to cure for 4-6 weeks before you can store it. I had a hunch earlier in the Spring that the roof of the chicken coop would be a great place to cure garlic and onions—dry, warm, lots of air circulation—and I was right. It’s perfect! I spread out all the bulbs—except for a few which I have plans for for dinner.

Garlic Curing

4:05 pm: Cocktail hour! Craig requests some beergaritas (exactly what it sounds like—half beer, half margarita), while he goes back down to the garden and finishes cleaning up. I mix some drinks while Juniper goes back to playing with her button/almond can toy.


4:10 pm: Those reserved garlic bulbs get decapitated and then thrown in the oven to roast while we sip on our beergaritas on the couch.

Roasting Garlic

4:31 pm: Cocktail hour is over. Craig goes to take a shower, and I get up to unload the dishwasher.


4:37 pm: Juniper helps.


4:50 pm: Daddy is clean, and now it’s Mommy’s turn! To the shower.


5:14 pm: Clean, dressed (ahem, in my jammies), and off to make dinner.


5:25 pm: Kept it simple for dinner—cheese tray with crackers, roasted garlic, smoked salmon, cherries, and tomatoes. We really need to go grocery shopping.

Cheese Tray

5:50 pm: Dinner is through, and Juniper and I head to her room to play while Craig starts to clean up to kitchen. We read books, build towers, and play lots and lots of peek-a-boo.

Play Table

6:23 pm: Parent switch. Craig and I both loathe cleaning the kitchen, so we try to split up the duties everyday. He comes in to play with Juniper, I head out to the kitchen to clean the stove (Craig’s least favorite task) and sweep the floors.


6:43 pm: Back to playing! This time the whole family is having fun. I read us all a chapter from Charlotte’s Web—we read a chapter from a “big” book before bath at night.

Charlotte's Web

7:01 pm: Time for bath! To the bathtub. Daddy goes to throw in a load of laundry.

Bath Toys

7:22 pm: Lots of yawning and eye rubbing going on. It’s time to get the little water bug out of the tub and into her jammies.

7:29 pm: All cozy and ready for bed. The three of us head upstairs to our room. I hand Juniper over to Craig, and finish getting ready for bed myself. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and put my hair up.

Me Toothbrushing

7:33 pm: Lay down with Juniper and nurse her to sleep. Craig kisses us both good night and heads downstairs to work on some projects around the house.

7:35 pm: Juniper doesn’t even pretend to fight it tonight. She’s out in just a few minutes. I stay snuggled up to her for a while longer to make sure she’s good and out (oh, and because I love snuggling my baby girl).

7:50 pm: I prop myself up in bed, and whip my laptop back out. Time to do some more work! I start writing this very post (meta!). I used to have a rule that I didn’t work in bed, but I decided that as part of having the freedom to do things like pick garlic in the middle of the afternoon, I have to be willing to make sacrifices like working in bed on a Sunday evening. Craig and I text back and forth about stuff (we text each other so much from inside the house—anyone else do that? just us?).


9:23 pm: Craig comes to bed, and I am woooorrrnnn out. I text him (from the other side of the mattress), and ask if he’s down to watch an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt—we’re obsessed. He’s up for it. I close my computer, and we watch on his phone.


10:10 pm: We get through two episodes, and I’m too tired to keep on keeping on. My eyes are closing. I text Craig good night, plug my phone in, and then I snuggle up to Juniper. Good night!

Good night!

Cassie is the founder and CEO of Wholefully. She's a home cook and wellness junkie with a love of all things healthy living. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens.

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13 Responses
  1. I love your A day in life posts: they are so detailed & well illustrated with images. I sometimes think if I wrote one about my day it would be sooo boring and blank. I hope to see yours more often!

  2. Wow I can;t believe what time you go to bed- so early! I try to be in bed by 10 but i’m lucky if I am there by 11.

    You’re garlic looks amazing!

    Yay for a trip to Canada! It’s been really hot and dry here on the prairies- swimming in the lakes in the mountains has been fantastic.

  3. Julianne

    I had no idea garlic had to curw before storing, that’s a great piece of info. Also super impressed with your guys’ balance of letting your baby play and explore independently but also having plenty of quality time with her.
    And there’s no need to go grocery shopping- meals that can be served on a cutting board are one of the best parts of summer!

  4. Laurel

    Love these posts! Quick question, and feel free not to answer if it’s too personal. With bedsharing, do you find it difficult to find time to be intimate with your husband? I don’t just mean sex, but just some alone time to snuggle alone with him. I’m very intrigued by bedsharing, but I have been curious about this. Thanks!

    1. Cassie

      It definitely changes. The marital bed (and everything associated with that) goes out the window when it becomes a family bed. But it’s just another adjustment (of a million) that happens when you have a kid. There is an adjustment period, but, all across the board, you figure out new ways to do things—including finding new ways to connect. Just as long as you make intimacy a priority, there is no reason you can’t stay connected to your partner.

      Of note: it is vitally important that your partner is on board with bedsharing fully. It’s a FAMILY bed, and if not everyone in the bed feels that way 100%, then it’s destined to drive a wedge in relationships.

      Was that sufficiently vague for you? HA! Basically, where there is a will, there is a way. And if you make intimacy with your partner a priority, you’l figure it out.

      1. Misty

        Replying here because it’s related to bedsharing. I was curious if you have a plan for how long you will bedshare or if you are going to play it by ear or what. We didn’t really bedshare (except in the beginning before I went back to work full-time), so I’m curious about it, too! It seems like a really sweet thing that works well for your family.

        1. Cassie

          Our plan is to bedshare as long as it works for everyone in the family. Craig and I both are totally happy bedsharing, so I assume Juniper will be the first one to want to change the arrangement (although, who knows, things change).

          She’s already asserting her independence in other ways, so we’re assuming that independent sleep will eventually come as well. We do have a plan to transition a spot in our master bedroom into her “nook” with a toddler bed in the upcoming months, just so she knows that she has her own space whenever she decides she is ready to try it out (although, we won’t push her to sleep there). Our assumption is that she’ll slowly transition over the years to that bed, and then eventually, want to transition into her own room. But we’re mostly just letting her tell us what she needs to feel emotionally and physically secure in sleep. We’re in no rush.

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