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A Day in My Life: May 20, 2012

A Day in My Life

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The last two times I did ADIML post, they were work days. I figured this time around, you guys might be interested in seeing how I spend one of my weekend days. I try to keep a nice balance of work (gotta get stuff done) and some relaxing down time before “real” work starts on Monday. So, here is my Sunday, May 20, 2012.

I woke up (without an alarm) at around 6:30am—which is pretty normal for me. I spent a few minutes in bed checking email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on my phone.

I pulled myself out of bed to head to the bathroom. Where I get a glimpse of my amazing bed head.


I walk out in to living room to say good morning to The Fluffy One.

I check to see if the tank top I stenciled the day before was dry. It was, so I tried it on to see how I liked the final look. Love! Can’t wait to wear it next Sunday.

I plop down on the couch and open my laptop. I walked 20 miles (!) the day before as part of my training for the Avon Walk and even though I drank almost six liters of water, I felt super dehydrated.

I get the sudden urge to clean up my social media, so I log into Facebook and clean up my friends list and lock down some of my updates. It feels good to make sure all of that stuff is up-to-date.

And then someone wakes up and comes to visit!

I head to the kitchen to whip up some coffee while Babyface heads to his computer to check in on the social happenings overnight.

I decide while I’m in the kitchen to just go ahead and get started on breakfast. A bowl of Greek yogurt, honey, fruit salad, oats and almonds plus a half bagel each with an egg.

We dig into breakfast while we catch up on the last few episodes of Parks and Recreation.

Once we finished the season (squee!), I figured it was time for me to get my bum up off the couch and be productive. Time check:

First up, I decided to get (sorta) ready to face the world—contacts in, not-jammie-lounge pants and real bra on. Hey, it’s the weekend. This is as good as it gets.

On my way to the kitchen, I take a few minutes to update my star chart. I’m a few days behind, but I’m doing well!

Then I strap on my apron, and get to work!

I spend a half an hour or so developing a recipe (that will show up here this week).

And, of course, photographing along the way…

I finish that recipe, do a little prep for the second recipe, and then do a little bit of kitchen clean up. I’m heinous about cleaning the kitchen as I go, but in the new house, our kitchen is front and center in the house. Absolutely no hiding a mess in that one, so I’m trying to get in the habit of keeping things neat and tidy.

I decide to hold off on the second recipe until the afternoon. Instead I, on the whim, decided I needed to make some sun tea.

While I was setting out the sun tea, I realized how gorgeous it was out and figured I could spare a few minutes of reading out in the sun. I mixed up a little iced coffee, grabbed my Kindle and snuck my bum out onto the patio.

Time check.

I got real warm, real quick. So I ducked inside to slip on some shorts.

And on my way back out, I convinced Babyface to come sit with me in the sun.

But we were only out there a few minutes when we realized it was noon! Indy 500 qualifications were on! We headed inside and turned on the fast cars. I multi-tasked and worked on some Wholefully stuff while watching the track action.

I’m feeling awfully distracted (fast cars do that to me) so I only do about 45 minutes worth of work and then switch gears to doing some freelance web design work.

I started to get hungry so I went to the kitchen and heated up some leftover pizza and breadsticks for lunch. We’re very well aware that good delivery pizza is hard to come by in our new town, so we’re soaking up Bloomington’s awesome pizzerias while we still can. Babyface and I split this yumminess.

Pizza gave me a nice burst of energy so I dug back into working on Wholefully. I had some annoying housekeeping tasks I needed to do buried deep in these lines of code.

And getting those tasks done was enough to get me into the groove to start working on this very blog post. Editing photos, writing, etc. These ADMIL posts take hours and hours to put together, so I usually spread it out over a while so I don’t get burnt out.

Time check.

I get a hefty amount done and decide to switch gears again. The action on the track is dying down, so I head over to my mini photo studio to style and shoot the recipe I finished this morning.

And then I decide to head back to the kitchen and tackle my second recipe of the day.

It heads into the piping hot oven and then, like always, it’s clean up time again. This kitchen seems to be dirty. All. The. Time.

Much better.

The recipe needs to bake away for about a half an hour, so I soak up the few free minutes to get back to my book (it’s a good one).

Dinner is done! A little early, but it works.

But we can’t eat yet, because photos must be taken.

Once the dinner was properly captured, we went over to the couch to enjoy and watch Glee.

After dinner, I tackled my chipped and sad manicure.

While watching my favorite ladies.

Manicure finished. True fans have racing-inspired nails.

After a drying session to the episode where Rory gets Puffed, time for a family walk around the neighborhood.

By the time we get back, I’m feeling a little snacky, so I pour myself a bowl of raisin bran.

While working some more on this very post.

I was feeling pretty sleepy, so I decided to call it a night on work, close the computer and relax in front of another episode of GG.

After the episode is finished, I move to bed with my Kindle.

And after only a few chapters, I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. Good night!

What’d you do yesterday?

Cassie is the founder and CEO of Wholefully. She's a home cook and wellness junkie with a love of all things healthy living. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens.

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12 Responses
  1. Sarah

    I’m exhausted just reading about your day!

    What shorts do you like? I can’t stand them b/c they tend to ride up but those ones look pretty comfy!

    1. Cassie

      I don’t have any shorts I love, but I have a pair from both Target and Walmart that I like. The ones I have on in that photo are from Walmart only a few days ago. 🙂

  2. Alicia

    Made late breakfast for my boys – sausage gravy, biscuits, grits and omelets. Then loaded the dishwasher, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned out half the garage, moved furniture, repacked the garage. Then went for Baskin Robbins ice cream. I think I deserved some after all that. Didn’t get any reading in, finished my last book and didn’t have another handy. Need to remedy that today.

  3. Sun tea is amazing. So is good pizza. I miss the unique (and so cheap!) pizza places in Tallahassee, my college town. We’ve got some interesting places in St. Augustine, but they don’t have that same “I got this pizza for five dollars! And I’ll eat it all week!” kind of victory taste to them.

  4. Aimee M

    That was fun! I love posts like these.

    Question: what type of food scale do you have? Sorry if you’ve already covered this elsewhere, but I really want one for portion control and I don’t want to spend a ton. Thanks!

    1. Cassie

      It was just a cheap-o one from Walmart from a few years ago. Has served me well. I don’t think I spent more than $15 on it. 🙂

  5. Cute post! I could totally see my backyard in some of the pics! 😉 Then I had a tragic thought: You and the hubs probably saw me sprawled out on my back porch getting some sun like a hot mess. Embarrassing. I had an early morning run with a friend and didn’t see the use of showering before I laid out and got even sweatier.

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday!

    Do you normally go to sleep by 10 each night? I can’t get in bed before midnight.

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