A Day in My Life: February 23, 2012

A Day in My Life

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A Day in My LifeThe last time I did A Day in My Life was almost exactly a year ago. I had intended on doing them at regular intervals, but the truth is, taking a picture of everything you do in a day is a lot more difficult and time consuming than it sounds. But in the past few months, quite a few folks have requested that I post another one, so here we are! This was my Thursday, February 23, 2012.

My alarm went off at 5:15am and after I shut my alarm off, I do some preliminary email, comment and social media checking from my phone in bed.

Pull myself out of bed a few minutes later, because it’s time for some light therapy. But first, I have to say “hi” to Puppyface. She always sleeps on the couch. And she’s so NOT a morning puppy. She’d prefer if we didn’t disturb her until at least 9am.

Move over to the desk, flip on the light box and my computer.

While getting my daily dose of medicine, I spend some time checking email, editing photos, and writing blog posts. I spend an hour in front of it every morning, so it gives me time to do things (like write this very post).

Light box automagically clicks off an hour later while I’m reading blogs and I take that as my cue to get up and get ready for work.

Time check.

First, I head to the closet.

And land on an outfit I’m decently happy with.

Then it’s time for glasses shopping. We just received our most recent order from Zenni Optical, so I pick out one of my new pairs. Fancy.

Then I move onto hair and makeup. Dry shampoo works it’s magic (and gives me an idea what I’ll look like in 20 years) while I do my makeup.

Onto taming the mane. I’ve been wearing it curly/wavy for weeks, but decide I’m ready for a change of pace and whip out the flat iron. Ahh, much more presentable.

Time check. I’m running a little bit behind, but not too bad. I like to get to work by 7:30 at the latest.

To the kitchen to pack up breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Realize it’s a bit chilly outside and go out to warm up the car. I hate scraping.

Come back in to brush teeth and finish packing everything up.

Jacket on. Ready to go.

On the road by 7:22am.

At work 10 minutes later. Within the next 30 minutes, this and every parking lot on campus will fill up so much that it will be impossible to find a space. Being a morning person has its perks.

Up the elevator.

I’m greeted by our roving set of nine NKOTB dolls on the receptionist’s desk. What, your office doesn’t have 1-4/5 sets of NKOTB dolls? That’s just us? In case you were wondering, seven out of the nine have rat tails.

Hello, office!

Put my stuff down, get logged in and while everything is doing its thing, I pull out two quarters because I managed to complain twice (out loud!) on the 10 minute drive in. Hard habit to break.

Then, I head out into our common area to check my snack box fundraiser (for the Avon Walk). I like to take the money out every morning.


While I’m up, I fill up my water bottle…

…and go here for the first of many times.

I come back to my desk and check some email while eating breakfast.

We are moving into a temporary office space while our floor is being remodeled, and one of those e-mails I was checking said SURPRISE we were moving that afternoon instead of the next day. So after breakfast, I finalized the rest of my packing.

During this time, my boss/friend/office mate, Heather, came in and we decided to head across the street to our temporary space to see what it looked like. Looks great. Except it’s empty.

Well, not exactly empty. There is a plant and this guy. We like this guy. He stays.

The plant however, does not. We move him to his new home, on the desk of one of our client relations people we like to mess with.

We head back over to our current office to try and figure out the desk situation. We land on using half of our current desks, which means, I do some computer shifting while Heather heads to a meeting.

And then some desk pushing. I is strong.

While waiting for the one dolly we have, I sit down to do some work and eat a snack.

Time check!

Heather texts me and asks me to bring the whole interactive team over to our new space to pick out desks, so I gather the troops and we head back over (back and forth and back forth). We still have no desks, but now we at least have a plan! I admire our new view.

We decide to move the things we can without the dolly. Nothing like pushing all of your stuff on a chair down the busiest street in town.

Got over what we could, but I needed to get back to my computer to do some work. Buttons needed to be made!

After that, i did a little bit of reading on responsive web design. As one does.

Lunch time!

Down a floor to the kitchen and the microwave.

Back up to my desk to eat.

Call Dad during lunch to wish him Happy Birthday. No one home. He’s busier now that he’s retired than he ever was while working.

After lunch, I walk over to the campus tech store to get a piece of software for Babyface. They don’t have what he needs, but it’s a nice walk on a nice day.

Once I get back, good news, we have secured the dolly!

We move our desks and computers over and start to get everything set up.

Unfortunately, my internet decides it doesn’t want to work.

So while waiting for one of our IT guys to stop by, I eat a snack and check my email on my iPad (wi-fi, for the win!).

Our tech hero comes and helps fix the internet, while he’s working on my machine, I help Heather set up her’s while she’s trapped in meetings. In the mean time, mine get’s fixed just in time for me to leave for the day.

Head out to my car and realize the back seat is a mess because of the office move, but I have to fit Puppyface in there. So I do some rearranging.

Pulling out of the parking lot. Windows down.

Off to daycare to pick up Puppyface. She says, “Hi!”

She’s stoked about the weather being warm enough for open windows.


Check mail. Empty mailbox. Which must mean Babyface already got it (I promise, he shows up in this post eventually).

Once inside, feed the PF.

And drop my quarters into my complaint jar. Even with the stress of the move, I managed to only complain three times. Awesome!

Must. Get. Comfy. Much better!

We had packages at our door! One is computer parts for Babyface but the other is for me. Sandals. Yay! C’mon spring!

Contemplate dinner. Think about making something, but decide to have leftovers again. Good thing I like chili, because I had it twice.

Eat in front of an episode of Felicity and Twitter. Hi, Turk/Tracy!

After dinner, I turn on another Felicity episode and edit some photos.

Time check!

Decide it is dessert time. One Nutella chocolate cake, coming right up.

While noshing on my cake, I try to call my Dad again. Still not home.

After my cake is through, I try to do some homework, but the software I need only runs on Windows machines and I’m a Mac through and through. So instead, I try to write a blog post, but my brain is total mush. So back to Felicity and photo editing, it is!

Eventually I get too sleepy to even edit photos. Time to lay down and relax. Would really love to go to bed, but can’t because (a) it’s not even 8pm yet and (b) I want to wait up to see Babyface at least for a few minutes.

Hey, Dad calls back! I chat with him for a bit.

Say good-bye, and then contemplate going back to zoning out on the couch, but feel guilty for being lazy and instead decide to do some blog work.

Hey, look who’s home!

I left for work before he was awake and he worked the late shift until 9:15. First time we’ve seen each other all day. Hi, Babyface! I immediately head for bed.

The three of us snuggle while we talk a little bit about our days. Puppyface hogs the conversation.

Soon, I can’t keep my eyes open anymore and it’s lights out. Good night!


Cassie is the founder and CEO of Wholefully. She's a home cook and wellness junkie with a love of all things healthy living. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens.

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8 Responses
  1. Lina

    Wow, looks like you were pretty busy the other day!

    Btw, I think I have your wall clock. I also have your trail mix, except while you eat it for breakfast, it’s my mid-morning snack 🙂

  2. Allison

    I don’t comment on blogs often, but I had to tell you I really enjoyed this post! That sounds slightly creepy, I’m sure, but it’s always interesting to see what other people’s daily routines are like. Bring this feature back, please!

  3. Kimberley

    Yay my christmas wish came true and a day in my life is back!!!! I loved reading this and i love love seeing and reading all about your days:) Your work outfit was awesome…loved the jacket and of course your purse!!! had a giggle when i saw how puppyface was sleeping on your couch. Loved this blog and i hope to see more of them again!! Oh ya and loved the Canada sweatshirt:)

  4. Amy

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this post. 🙂 I know what it’s like to have full days–I’m a senior in college right now working part time at the library. In my effort to be more time efficient, I changed my schedule so I start at 7:30 am, too. It isn’t always fun, but my days feel more productive already. Anyways, thanks for the great blog!

  5. I’m so behind on your posts and catching up on the last week or so! I LOVE this whole post- and man- that must have taken forever to put together! The photo on your iphone RULES. And Felicity? One of my top 5 favorite shows of all time. Top 3 even. Or 2. (Six Feet Under is #1 and always will be).

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