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A Day in My Life: March 26, 2014

A Day in My Life

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A Day in My Life6:00am — I’m still tired, but I’m so hungry I can’t sleep anymore. I try checking in on social media stuff on my phone in order to try to convince my body I’m too tired to get up.

6:15am — It doesn’t work. Mostly because I forgot most of my social media feed is full of pictures of food. HUNGRY. And now Baby J is slamdancing in my belly, so I’m up! I pull together a quick breakfast—a muffin out of the freezer, a hard-boiled egg, some milk, a yogurt, and a big ole orange (because this week’s pregnancy nutrition session during our birth class was about how important Vitamin C is during the third trimester). I sit down in front of the news so I can catch up on headlines. Note that I have to pour Kittyface a small bowl of milk whenever I’m drinking any, or she’ll pretty constantly try to knock mine over.

kitty breakfast

6:30am — Breakfast done. I move on to working on my to-do list for the day. I’ve been using these daily “command center” printables, and they are working beautifully for me. I love them so much more than a standard big, bulky paper planner. Craig wakes up sometime in here, and he heads downstairs to do a quick workout before he has to get ready for work.

to do list

6:35am — I’ve reached my fill of CNN (seriously, I want to hear ALL the news, not just 30 minutes on one big, flashy news story that has no new information followed by 30 seconds glancing over other headlines—CNN is so terrible), so I turn off the TV and turn on NPR. Ahhh, much better.


7:00am — List and schedule are all done, so I move onto some computer housekeeping. I check to make sure my post went up. I reply to any comments that have questions. I sort through my email and reply to any that need addressing. I balance our checkbook register (which is online). I achieve sweet, glorious inbox zero!

computer laptop inbox

7:15am — Sit down and chat with Craig while he eats his breakfast. And snuggle with the fluffy Puppyface. Craig works a varied schedule, so it’s nice to have mornings with him on his later days.  Craig tries to convince me that I need to learn how to ice skate, so I can get on the ice with our daughter when she gets into hockey (because she obviously will since she’s the daughter of a Canadian). I’m not so sure. I’m quite happy on my iceless ground without blades strapped to my shoes.

puppyface babyface

7:45am — Time to get up and at ’em. I get dressed and run around doing my chores—make the bed, do some picking up, and wipe down the counters, stove and sink (we’re trying to keep things as clean as possible after our spring cleaning) while Craig unloads and loads the dishwasher.


8:10am — Craig starts to get ready for work, so Puppyface and I bundle up (seriously, 17° in late March?) and go for a walk. We do the 1/2 mile loop of our property, and it takes us about 30 minutes. It might not sound like much, but between Puppy’s arthritic hips and my jacked-up pelvis, it’s about all either of us can handle at a time.

puppyface walk lake

8:45am — Puppy comes inside and starts munching on breakfast, and it’s time for me to eat again, too. I whip up a chai tea latte to warm up, and heat up some steel cut oats (leftovers from recipe development for my new cookbook). I also switch the radio from NPR over to one of the other public radio stations we have in Louisville—WFPK. Because it’s got the most amazing music all day long. And no annoying commercials. I <3 public radio. Craig heads out for work while I’m eating.

breakfast oatmeal

9:15am — Alrighty, work time. I’m in the middle of recipe development for my second cookbook, so I head to the kitchen. I’ve been averaging between 4-5 recipes a day, but my body is in need of a light day after being on my feet so much lately, so I only have two on the docket. I work testing, tasting, writing, and photographing the winning dishes.

food photography cookbook

12:00pm — Recipes done! For my last cookbook, I just wrote my recipes in a notebook and then did all the typing and editing when I wrote my manuscript at the end. I’m trying something different this time, and typing and editing the recipes on the day that I do them. It seems to help keep the process, ingredients, and thoughts fresh. Plus, it means that once recipe development is finished, most of my book is finished. Woohoo! I pull up my laptop on the couch and write these two recipes and edit the photos for them.

lightroom laptop computer

1:00pm — Hungry again. I head to the fridge and pull together a chicken sandwich (roasted chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, cheddar, and avocado) with some carrots sticks and apple slices. I briefly consider doing something crazy like eating lunch at the kitchen table or the bar, but quickly realize I have too much to tackle to something silly like that. So I head back to the couch and eat my sandwich while writing two section introductions for my cookbook. Because of the way I have them formatted, the intros take a lot of research work, so those take me a while.

lunch laptop computer

3:00pm — The writing side of my brain is tapped, so I switch gears to do something else creative—make a throw pillow! I had plans to make this pillow for the nursery anyway, and it occurred to me it’d be a fun tutorial for the blog. So I sew while taking photos and notes of measurements and instructions. Doing a craft project for the blog always takes at least four times the amount of time it’d take to do if I wasn’t documenting it, so this quick, 15-minute project turns into an hour-long excursion into my messy sewing nook.

pillow futon nursery

4:00pm — Pillow is done, the sun is shining, and Puppy and I are both itching for some fresh air. So we bundle up (this time with a few less layers) and head out to do our 1/2 mile loop again. I’m feeling a little snacky, so I grab a banana and a cereal bar to snack on while we walk.

snack walk

4:30pm — Back inside to tackle a few afternoon chores. I clean up the kitchen bomb I set off while doing recipe development. I also vacuum the rug in our living room and our bedroom. And sweep and mop the floors in the kitchen. This makes me seem like some amazing domestic goddess—don’t be fooled. I’m usually not so on top of the floor-cleaning, it’s just that Puppyface is shedding her winter coat like whoa right now, and if we don’t vacuum often, this place becomes a snowglobe full of puppy fur. And as far as the kitchen floor, you’d be amazed at how much food one drops when creating a cookbook.

mop clean kitchen

5:15 pm — Cleaning always makes me feel so grimy. Time to grab a shower.

5:45 pm — All clean and better-smelling. I make myself a cup of tea, then sit back down on the couch and start working on the pillow tutorial.

laptop tea

6:15 pm — Craig’s on his way home from work, so I start working on some dinner for us. Recipe development during the day means that dinners aren’t fancy. Usually they’re cookbook cast-offs, but tonight, I actually managed to make us a real dinner. Asparagus and red potato hash with poached eggs (yes, I still eat runny eggs while pregnant—shock, gasp, awe). Once Craig is home, we sit down in front of an episode of Jimmy Fallon while eating.

dinner tv hash

6:45pm — Dessert time. I have a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Because, yum.

dessert ice cream

7:00 pm — Dinner is done, and I put on the NIT (because I’m going through basketball withdrawal) while Craig heads to the kitchen to clean up the dinner dishes and put his lunch together for work the next day. We love having an open floor plan. It’s so nice for one of us to be able to be in the kitchen and other be in the living room and still be in the same room. It’s time for me to get back to work. I go back to writing the pillow tutorial.

laptop tv

8:15 pm — Tutorial done. So I move onto working on this month’s two-week meal plan. These meal plan posts take me so long to put together (but I’m so proud of them once they’re done!). So I spread that work out over a few days.

laptop couch post

9:00 pm — My eyes are starting to not like being on the computer anymore. So I start wrapping up work for the day. I clean out my inbox one more time, reply to any comments that need addressing, clear off my desktop, and shut ‘er down for the evening. I pull out my knitting project—footstool poufs for the nursery – and do some knitting while watching basketball.


9:30 pm— It’s time to start heading to bed. TV is off, knitting goes away, and I pour myself a glass of tart cherry juice (a natural anti-inflammatory and source of melatonin to help me sleep). I crawl into bed, sip on my juice, and do a bit of reading (this book).

kindle book bed

10:00 pm — Lights out. Yawn.


What’s your day like?

Cassie is the founder and CEO of Wholefully. She's a home cook and wellness junkie with a love of all things healthy living. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens.

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17 Responses
  1. Lori

    Funny, I craved oranges like mad during my recent pregnancy! And grapefruit, and ordinarily, I don’t even like grapefruit!

  2. I see that you have “Eleanor & Park” in one of your pictures. It’s such an amazing book!! Sorry… I’m a librarian so I got a little excited. I recommend it to everyone. Looks like a lovely day!

  3. Kim

    Really enjoyed this post, what a day! Also, ate runny eggs, medium rare beef, deli meat and soft cheese during my pregnancy as well! Had ‘morning’ sickness for 6 months, similar to your story-so I ate whatever sounded good, healthy and like it might stick around:)

  4. I am majorly envious of the fact that you can hike on your own property. So cool! It’s going to be an amazing place for your daughter to spend her childhood.

    Also, props for staying so active even through SPD!

  5. Dawn

    I was as active as you are when I was expecting. Maybe that’s why my daughter is so active. lol If I wasn’t working full time I would love to do what you’re doing. Keep up the great blogs!!

  6. This is my favorite Day in the Life post of yours yet! Love the look-see into your super productive day, I am SO excited for your second cookbook (and proud of you!), Baby J is gonna be in SUCH good hands when she comes popping out holy crap what a lucky baby, and I meant to tell you that I lovelovelove that pillow so much and I will take one for my birthday kthxbye.

    Sorry this comment is like 3 posts’ worth of comments in one, but I know I’m terrible at commenting on your blog so I’m trying to makeup for lost time. LOVE YOU.

  7. Ashley

    So productive! I eat runny eggs, sushi, and lunch meat…all supposed no-no foods. My Ob is pretty relaxed about things like that, though. Our bodies know how to make babies. Glad someone else is realistic about it too!

    I just started knitting. So fun!

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