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Introducing the 2018 Wholefully Wellness Calendar

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The 2018 Wholefully Wellness Calendar is here!

Guys, I am so excited today is finally here! I am proud to introduce to you the 2018 Wholefully Wellness Calendar. We’ve been working so hard on this updated calendar over the past few months, and I’m super pumped to show off the results to all of you wonderful people. You can get your copy here, right now!

For those of you who are new around here, the Wholefully Wellness Calendar has been part of what do we for years now. The basics: the Wellness Calendar is a monthly printable calendar that includes 365 daily wellness-focused challenges to help you make 2018 your healthiest year ever. My guiding philosophy: small changes make a big impact. And so this calendar is all about nudging you to make small, daily decisions that lead you on the path to health.

Each day you have a spot to track your water intake, track your workouts, and participate in a fun and healthy wellness challenge. It’s a simple concept—we’re not talking about doing anything drastic like signing up for a marathon or going vegan—but the simplicity is exactly what makes it so wonderful. The Wellness Calendar is approachable, achievable, and chock full of healthy balance. Extreme all-or-nothing plans are not a sustainable way to keep healthy. Small daily decisions are.


This year, we’re offering two versions of the Wellness Calendar—an individual version for the person who is looking to totally rock their 2018 (that’s probably you!), and an organizational version. We’ve been hearing from lots of corporate wellness professionals who like to use the Wellness Calendar in their corporate wellness programs, and now there is a version that is designed just for that—complete with full rights to distribute to as many employees as you’d like and the ability to brand the Wellness Calendar with your own corporate logo.

Both calendars are only on sale for a very limited time. We’re shutting it all down on January 5, 2018—the calendar will be gone forever (or at least until 2019) on that date. So you gotta get your copy now!

Get your copy »

And if you grab your copy now, you’ll get TWO totally free bonuses. Yup, two! You’ll get a FREE copy of my eCookbook 10 Easy Peasy Meal Prep Ideas—which includes some of the very best meal prep ideas from the pages of Wholefully— plus a FREE copy of my Printable Meal Prep Planner. They get delivered to your inbox instantly with your calendar after purchase. Boo-yah!

As always, I am so grateful for your support over the years! Thank you so much for being here and being a part of our vibrant, exciting community! If you have any questions about the Wellness Calendar (or anything else) leave a comment, shoot me an email, or send me a DM on Instagram. <3

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