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Posts from March 2014

Felt Shamrock Hair Pin

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Even though I’m only a teeny, tiny bit Irish, I absolutely love St. Patrick’s Day! I mean, how can you not love a holiday that requires you to wear bright colors and drink beer (well, no beer for me this year, but still)? St. …

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Honey Coconut Whole Wheat Waffles

Recipe At-A-Glance These coconut whole wheat waffles cannot be beat! They’re packed with healthy whole grains and are low on sugar. Make up a large batch and freeze them for easy weekday breakfasts. Vegetarian Ready in 35 minutes Jump Directly to Recipe When I give birth in June, if Baby …

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DIY Lavender Linen Spray

I used to be able to sleep through anything and everything. I could fall asleep almost anywhere. But as I’ve gotten older, I’m starting to notice that sleep doesn’t come as easily anymore. That’s normal. Not only are your worries and responsibilities usually more taxing on your stress levels as …

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A Welcome Change.

If you’ve been reading here for a few years (or even as far back as when I first started back in 2010), it’s no secret to you that the frequency of posting has decreased in recent months and years. If you haven’t been reading for a while, you might be …

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Pregnancy Update: Starting the Third Trimester

The “experts” out there disagree with exactly when the third trimester starts, so I’m just going to go off the math—two-thirds of a 40 week pregnancy is 26.666 weeks and considering today I’m at 26 weeks, 5 days—I’m calling it! Welcome to the third trimester, kids. I am so happy …

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wellness calendar: march 2014 (free printable)

Happy March, friends! Even though we’re supposed to get our worst winter storm of the year tomorrow (ugh!), I’m really hoping that March not only brings the official start of Spring, but the actual physical start, too. Here’s to hoping that by the time I post April’s calendar we’ll all …

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